Traditional Scandinavian Food: An Interview with Valentine Warner

Traditional Scandinavian Food: An Interview with Valentine Warner

Peter's Yard, you just put them in your mouthand you go, well, I hardly had to think about that.

It's obvious a lot of effort has beenput into them.

They are totally delicious.

Texturally, tastewise, they are simply a joy.

Peter's Yard is an instant success the minute you pop it into your mouth.

It's got thatwonderful, sourdough flavour, it's undeniably crunchy, it's texturally glorious, and thetaste is just wonderful.

It's kind of like a cuckoo budging the birds out of the nest,it's flown into my biscuit tin and barged everything else out.

I don't just think ofthem in terms of cheese, I apply the open sandwich culture to them.

I want to get thatkind of, something sour, something creamy, something slightly bitter, something savoury.

There's so many things that want to board them, like, you know, going on to a boat,and make them delicious.

The way I cook is very much in line with Peter'sYard, for a few reasons really.

Peter's yard is about concentrating on one thing and doingit incredibly well, from how you source things to then how you excecute it.

Is it good enough?It's not going to go on the table until it's good enough.

And I think that there's a kindof, appreciation of simplicity between me and Peter's Yard, and also a love of Swedishfood, and the whole idea of the everyday things but maybe mixed a little bit with the hedgerows.

It's about simple, good eating, and ultimately things tasting incredibly nice.

Who knows Peter's Yard here? Do any of you?Quite a lot? Good.

Really, really delicious, rye crispbreads, absolutely fantastic andso versatile! Well my job is multiple parts, I'm very verylucky.

I get to cook, which is a great love.

When I'm filming I get to travel, I get paidto go travelling, and in effect I get paid to learn, as well.

It takes me qute a lotinto the countryside, a place that I love and I feel at my most relaxed, but a lot ofthings happen there.

One of the hardest things was filming in minus fifty in Swedish lapland,up in Jokkmokk, with the Sami, and you really have to concentrate there, you know, you don'tdress for fashion you dress to survive.

Watching Scandinavians cook, there's a realunderstanding of their food, they are also very very inventive people, they have incredibleproduce to use, and overall I would say that, you know, you have the intricacies of Nomaor Faviken in Sweden, but then there's a wonderful simplicity, it just always puts deliciousthings on the table.

Peter's Yard products are incredibly, really looked after, and it'sall about concentration, and ultimately deliciousness.

My passion for simple, tasty food fits withPeter's Yard, and now, really, very often it's my lunch go-to, whether it's using cucumbersand brown shrimps or fried plaice.

They are genius.

Source: Youtube