Traditional Mexican Dance Moves : Traditional Mexican Dance Costumes

Traditional Mexican Dance Moves : Traditional Mexican Dance Costumes

This is one of the typical Jalisco costumes.

Since we're talking about Mexican folkorico dance.

You can see it's very, very beautiful.

Originally they used to do all this hand made and they tend to have different ribbons becauseMexican dance tends to be very colorful.

The skirt, you can use any color skirt, any colorribbons.

The sleeves tend to be very big because that's how it is originally.

We have talkedabout the hair piece, which is the yarn made braid with ribbon, and you add the flowers.

There's buttons in the back for the costume.

We talked about that the skirt needs to besecure to your waist so when you're dancing it won't fall.

Mexico has 32 states and eachstate has it's own very different and particular type of costume.

As we said, this is for Jalisco.

Jalisco has differnet songs.

The most famous song in dance is called Son de la Negra.

There'slos salasanas, Jarabe Tapatio, which it's very known as well.

Jarabe Tapatio it's moreof a luxurious dance.

It's used in weddings and celebration, and the costume is very,very colorful and it's very detail.

It's black and it has the eagle on top of the cactus,which is the symbol in the Mexican flag.

This is a Jalisco costume and this is for Son dela Negra.

Source: Youtube