Traditional Korean Tea House (찻집) in Insadong, Seoul to drink Korean Ginseng Tea (인삼)

Traditional Korean Tea House (찻집) in Insadong, Seoul to drink Korean Ginseng Tea (인삼)

We are in Insadong.

Owe! Yeah, we are.

Weare in Insadong and we're visiting another traditional tea house and it is called MoonBird Does Not Always Think Of The Moon.

Was that it? Did I get it right? Moon Bird Does Think Of Only The Moon.

Onlythe moon? Only? It's on.

Hi! Last weekend we visited a traditionaltea house in Insadong and today we are visiting a different kind of tea house.

It is moreof a modern twist – a more modern approach.

This cozy little Korean tea house has a lotof character as seen on the walls and other parts of where we're staying.

And what does Miss Audrey have? I'm havinga cup of sujukwanja, which is cinnamon bark infused tea.

It is actually too hot to pickup and drink, so I'll let you show everyone.

What are you doing? It was really chewy.

It is very strong and very flavorful and you candefinitely taste the cinnamon in there.

It is really nice and perfect for winter.

Wait I need to swallow my rice cake.

Thisis fun.

This is the fun part.

Swallow it! This is our very last weekend in Korea.

We'vebeen living here for a year.

Our plan for today is to spend the afternoon in Insadongto buy some souvenirs and perhaps some wooden face masks and just enjoy our last day inthe city.

That is the plan.

We honestly can't believe how fast this yearwent.

As soon as next Friday we're going to be changing in our winter jackets and ourlong undies for t-shirts and shorts.

We're heading to Malaysia.

What are you doing over there? You're stealing theshow.

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