Traditional Korean liquor makgeolli comes packed with health benefits

Traditional Korean liquor makgeolli comes packed with health benefits

Makgeolli, the country's oldest liquor, haslong been a beloved drink here in Korea.

It turns out that it's not just an alcoholicbeverage; it is packed with health benefits, too.

Park Se-young has the details.

Makgeolli is a milky white traditional Koreanliquor with a strong scent and a slight fizz.

The drink is made from rice or wheat mixedwith nuruk, a Korean fermentation starter.

"Molds do not form very well with machines,so the process requires lots of handiwork.

This is the skillful way to make makgeolli.

" Makgeolli is well known for its rich contentof healthy lactobacillus bacteria, which are formed during the fermentation process.

But it turns out the drink could also contributeto the prevention of hypertension and diabetes, and contains substances with potential anti-cancereffects.

"Beta-sitosterol is a natural component inmany grains and it's been found to inhibit the growth of stomach cancer.

" Makgeolli has long been considered a morehealthful type of alcohol in Korean culture, but as with all forms of alcoholic beverages,experts say moderate consumption is the key to ensuring you reap the health benefits — andnot the headaches.

Park Se-young, Arirang News.

Source: Youtube