Traditional Japanese Dinner on a Boat

Traditional Japanese Dinner on a Boat

Hey! What's up? Hey you! Today is another restaurant review with Charles! Nice to see you! He's kinda dark.

I'm kinda dark.

Yeah, oh, there you go, there you go.

Yeah! So actually, this is a really cool restaurant where we get to eat a very traditional Japanese menu.

On a boat! Yes! On a boat! Second time! So it's a course menu and we get all-you-can-drink and we get so much food I think I'm gonna EXPLODE! Plus, all-you-can-drink alcohol.

Yes, so definitely check it out.

We are going to show you guys what you can do at this restaurant And also the really cool areas that we're going go, on a boat, eating dinner! Let's go! Yes, let's go! We are walking onto the boat right now with Charles! Oh my god, again! This is like amazing.

I haven't seen Charles this many times like 10 years.

But Charles just loves me now.

I dunno why.

Double date Oh, that's not what you call it, right.

Whenever we make a video we have such love in our video.

He's so much taller than me that it's hard to frame this.

There we go! So right now we're on the boat.

First course is laid out.

Everyone's getting seated I would recommend not missing the boat because the boat's going to leave.

So you got to get in line on time.

Which is like 7pm? Oh, 7pm for us.

So we got here at 6:15 cuz we're very Japanese.

Oh hey Charles! Hi! Oh, you can see everything, right? You're so close though.

I could see everything.

I can see your head, chest, your nice jacket, your phone.

You didn't see what I was doing on my phone.

So Charles, is your first time on a boat? Yes, actually, it's my first time eating on a boat! In Japan! Oh yeah? And this looks really nice.

Oh wait, I'm guessing you do this in France? Oh, yeah, we do the same in France, in Paris.

But it doesn't look that good though.

Let's have a nice traditional Japanese meal on a boat.

Yes! Did you say the name of the place, by the way? No It's called Harumi-ya.

So basically, Charles reserved this for us and it's pretty simple, actually.

There's a website.

There's a reservation website.

Super simple and everything's in English.

Press the reservation button.

You got the map, you got the menu.

Everything's explained.

It's pretty simple.

You just go to that website and there's a reservation area Plus all the info.

Super convenient.

And then after that, basically it's about 10,800 yen, so basically $110 USD.

And you get all-you-can-drink And a set course Japanese meal.

For two and a half hours Oh, whoa, really? Yep, that's what the site says here.

A two and a half hour nomihoudai (or all-you-can-drink), so I'm gonna be pretty wasted after 2.

5 hours! We're going to see how much we can drink, me vs.


So if you guys are interested then check the link in description down below.

And watch Charles and I just get pounded.

Let's drink! What is that? Oh, it's Kirin! So for some reason, whenever I'm with Charles, I always gotta be drinking.

But that's cool.

I love Charles.

Round Two, baby.

Oh, stop stop stop! It's a mochi wrapped in a leaf! You're eating.

isn't that dessert? Yeah! I ate dessert first! I don't know.

That was really good! Oh my God.

He's drunk already! The thing that is so good about Japanese cuisine Is that it's so delicate and so light.

And I love how they always give you a nice variety of different types of food.

And I think it's kind of really something special and unique about the Japanese culture, the cuisine culture So if you're here in Japan, I would highly recommend doing something like this.

It is kind of a special experience on a boat And you're gonna get a beautiful view of the surrounding areas: Tokyo Skytree, Odaiba.

So kind of a really cool thing that Charles invited me to, so thanks, buddy! I love you man.

My name is Kaoru Kumano and we started this business almost 30 years ago.

And my family runs the business.

We have a "noriai," which means different kinds of people get in a boat.

The same boat And we just talk and, you know, kind of fun.

And they're gonna eat nice Japanese food together.

Oh yes! And then experience nice views outside That's right.

We serve, you know, kind of Japanese traditional food, like tempura And we're using fresh fish.

And also we have a nice, you can see nice views.

And you did a great job of guiding as well.

Oh yeah, because I'm kind of bilingual Yeah Kind of bilingual, so I can just take care of foreigners.

In both English and Japanese.

Right, right.

We get kind of like a mix, like I'll speak Japanese with foreigners from China and places like that.

Europe, wherever.

We have a lot of international people.

But you definitely want more foreigners to come, right? I'm sorry? You want more foreigners to come? Oh yes, please! Yes! Please come, yeah! It's gonna be fun! You can find out.

When you get on the boat, you can find out.

It's so fun! She's really really genki, so nice and she explains very well, so I highly recommend it.

So thank you so much! Thank you, thank you! I don't know what this is.

It's green I usually know what the food is, but this one I don't know.

We'll see.

I still don't know.

Next up, we got some sashimi.

I guess everyone's favorite.

So we're gonna try it.

With some soy sauce It's amazing! It's amazing according to Charles.

He says it's amazing so it must be amazing.

Soy sauce Sashimi Equals Whoa! You barely have to chew! Everything melts in your mouth here! It's like a melting pot.

Can you see me in the frame? Yeah.

Now I can.

They have squid, right? Yeah? But now I can't see you.

Ok, you gotta get in closer.

There you go!Hey! Come closer, come closer, come closer! They have squid, right? Yeah, I'm not a big fan of squid because it's always like super chewy yeah Yeah I'm not a big fan of squid because it's always super chewy.

Yeah? Try one This one is not chewy? Try it Whoa!!! Right? I feel like my teeth are like next-level knives! Mmm! If you guys don't know what umeshu is, it's plum wine.

Probably the best drink I've ever had.

Isn't that a girl's drink? It is a girl drink.

But in my book, there's no such thing as a girl drink.

I actually love this drink also There's only sweet drinks Which are the best drinks.

It tastes like It doesn't taste like wine at all because it's so sweet.

I can drink this for days.

So as you guys can see, I'm on the top layer of the boat right now And the view is absolutely gorgeous! Kind of perfect place to take a picture.

I guess a great date spot.

Here we have nasu, which is.

Wait, what? How do you say "nasu" in English? Sour plum.


I don't remember! What?! I don't know! Eggplant! So this one is called "Sanzanshu" Or in English, "Chinese hawthorne berry wine".

Right? Yep! Hawthorne berry wine Whoa! Wait, wait wait! Try! Try! Try! That's like syrup Right? Yeah! Whoa, I'm such a fruity man! Alright guys, I hope you guys enjoyed that video.

Kind of a really cool experience, and yeah, kind of a date spot.

Nice date spot.


Kind of a date? Are we having a date?! Charles and I always have dates together.

No! But yeah, double-check it out.

There's links down below that can kind of help you know more about this place in English.

And book it! And book it, yeah! So definitely check that out! We'll see you guys in the next video.

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anything! So for my fourth drink Another fruity wine.

This one is apricot.

Apricot wine.

This fruity wine stuff is amazing! That's really good.

So I've had apricot, plum wine, and Chinese hawthorne berry Chinese hawthorne berry! I said it right! Yeah.

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