Traditional Healer Condemns Violence Against Albinos

Traditional Healer Condemns Violence Against Albinos

Natural healing is knowledge passed from generation to generation.

After the killingsof the Albinos emerged, its really made itdifficult to do my job freely.

Someone may come tosay they would like to get medicine madefrom human body parts because they believethat you can get wealth but that's not true.

I know that albinosare human beings just like me.

Every day we say the treatmentcomes from natural herbs or barks, leaves; This is what isused to treat people.

Human body parts are notused for medicine, that's no cure.

Rotary has reallyhelped educate the public.

They've been ableto bring in both elements which was used to make a filmthat was later shown in other parts of the region and it has removeda lot of people from darkness to light.

Our main objective wasto educate the community.

We, as natural healersand people with albinism collaborated to create a movement that no wealth is acquiredthough any human being, be it albinosor non albinos.

Source: Youtube