Traditional Goes Ultra Modern

Traditional Goes Ultra Modern

Jo, listen to me.


If we're not gonna go big,let's just go home.

Let's just –let's just quit now, you know? We're going home.

No, we're going big,I mean.

[ Laughs ] We go big.

I want to go home, though,and go to sleep.

Okay,or we could go home.

I honestly don't care that muchabout going big.

I'm okay with going home.

Yeah,let's just go take a nap.

Consolation prize, yeah.

CHIP: On our way to meetDean and Brittany.

JOANNA:Moving from Colorado.

You got a house.

You got a pool.

Guest house.

You got a pool house.

I know.

What the what? What the what? ♪♪ Here's Johnny.


We had an engineercome over here.

We've gotsome major issues.



Are y'all ready to seeyour fixer-upper? -Yes.


[ Laughs ] Oh, gosh.

Oh, my gosh.

JOANNA:We're Chip and Joanna Gaines.

Chip, I need youto hold that up there.

-I like it.

-Do you like that?-I love it.

CHIP: We take the worst housein the best neighborhood, and we turn itinto our client's dream home.

Are y'all ready to seeyour fixer-upper? -[ Laughs ]-[ Gasps ] BOTH: Oh, my God! Whoo-oo! Yeah![ Laughs delightedly ] JOANNA:Do you have the gutsto take on a fixer-upper? ♪♪ ♪♪ JOANNA: Here comes Emmie.

[ Laughs ] ♪♪ Nice work, guys.

All right, listen.

You know what you'relosing today, Emmie? -The training wheels.


-Are you ready for it?-Yes.


I'm gonna takethese babies off.

Then we're gonna see if you can keep upwith the big kids, okay? I think for our kids,they're all different, but Emmie,she's pretty headstrong.

So I think she wasright off the bat,woke up and said, "Let's takethose training wheels off.

I'm ready.

" So see what she's got.

All right, here we go.

She saysshe's ready to roll.

Nice, Emmie.

JOANNA: Emmie, good job! Emmie, that's all you.

Nice! Emmie did awesome.

I think that oncethose training wheels came off, there she went.

It was hardto slow her down.

CHIP: And there she goes,off to get her first apartment.

[ Fakes crying ] Back to Mama.

JOANNA: Oh, dear.

Good job, Emmie! Yes! Wow, good job, Emmie! CHIP: Even thoughwe'd love to stay here and just watch Emmieride this bike all day long, we've got to go meetthe Wixsom family.

We're gonna show themsome beautiful houses.

Listen, guys.

Be careful for Emmie.

We're gonna run inand get ready real quick.

Y'all have fun,but be careful, okay? All right,we'll be right back, kiddos.

You guys are awesome.

Love y'all.


♪♪ BRITTANY:Look at the garden, babe.

Wow, this is beautiful.

DEAN: It is.

It's really pretty.

What do we have here? Lot of healthy stuffthat I don't eat.

[ Laughs ] We're Deanand Brittany Wixsom.

We're fromDenver, Colorado.

And we have a son that's8 months old named Wake.

Wake,do you see the butterfly? BRITTANY:I think when we had Wake, we startedkind of dreaming about what it would be liketo live on some land and decided that Waco would bea cool place to look around.

It's gonna be differentfor sure, living in the country,right? It will be, for sure.

Our style is pretty modern,I would say.

We're really hopefulthat Chip and Jo can kind ofcomplete that vision for us.

♪♪ CHIP: All right, babe.

On our way to meetDean and Brittany.

Moving from Colorado, Chip.

No pressure there.


♪♪ To have even a couple acreswould be really cool.

Knowing thatI work from home, I thinkit's really important that we have a spacewe could make an office.

Yeah, for sure.

That's reallyimportant for me.

I loved havinga fireplace in Denver.

I reallywant to keep that.


A handful of bedrooms,maybe three or four.

And then I just definitelywant to have an open floor plan.

The only issue iswith the four bedroom, two-to-three bath ratio, there's just not a ton ofproperties like that.

Well, with the acreage.

With the acreage.


♪♪ BRITTANY: Well, is that it? Which house is it? DEAN: I don't knowif that's neighbors or if they're bothincluded.


♪♪ All right,well, let's go see it.

All right.

♪♪ You got a house.

You got a pool.

Guest house.

You got a pool house.

I know.

-Hey, guys.


-Hey, hey, hey.

-How are you? -Good.

-Thank you guys for coming out.

What's y'all'sfirst impression? DEAN: I like it.


It's very woodedout here.

This kind of hasa Colorado vibe about it.

For sure.

The trees — I feel likeit feels like a retreat.

We're calling this propertyTwo-Fer because you're basicallygetting two for one here.

You literally get both of these residence,the pool, plus 3 1/2,almost 4 acres of land.


The housewe're looking at is three bedrooms,two baths.

It's about2,350 square feet, built in 1985.

Now, they're asking for thisentire property — $350,000.

So with y'all'sall-in budget of $450 grand, based on this house alone, we could definitelydo this project for $100,000.


It's gonna besomewhat of a challenge to take it from thisreally ranch-style house to little bit more modern.

Yeah, for sure.

Are y'all ready to gocheck out the inside? Yeah, let's go see it.

All right.

Let's go look at it.

♪♪ Okay.


I like these doors.

Yeah, the doors are cool.

What about thischeckerboard-style.

? Yeah, that's whatI was just looking at.

That's kind of modern.

See, I'm not modern.

It's not modern.

So I don't even knowwhat modern is, so when I see these, I'm like,"Well, it's funky.


Right now, this is consideredthe dining room.


All the bedrooms are onthe left side of this house.

So you have three bedrooms,you have the master, all that overon this side.


This could be another denor your office.

I likethe idea of the office.

So in the dining roomand the entry, the first thing I would do is remove this main wallto really open it up, put new hardwoods down,remove the popcorn ceiling, do all new lighting,fresh paint, and then movethe French doors to that wallleading into the office.

DEAN: Sweet.


All right, let's gocheck out this living room, see if this makesany sense to y'all.

I think it's a good size.


DEAN:Yeah, I think so.


What do you thinkabout the fireplace? We definitelywant to update that, give it kind of a moreindustrial modern look.

I think the main thingwould be enlarging the windows, making them a lot bigger –floor to ceiling — doing all new hardwoodin here, resurfacing the fireplace, and then taking outall the popcorn ceiling, and then updating the fansand do a fresh coat of paint.

Sounds great.

To the kitchen? Let's go to the kitchen.

All right.

Let's go.

♪♪ This kitchen is big.


It's a good size.

So in the kitchen, I'd love to updateall the cabinets in here, all new countertops,backsplash, removeall the popcorn ceiling, add some nice recessed lightsin here, and thena fresh coat of paint.

I think thatwould be great, yeah.

Let's go check outthe really amazing view in the backyard.

All right, after y'all.

♪♪ This is a good size pool.

This could bea really sweet area.



CHIP:Well, if y'all remember, we're calling this propertythe Two-Fer.

You obviously get two propertiesfor the price of one here.

This particular houseis three bedrooms, two baths, 2,350 square feet,built in 1985.

Now, they're asking $350 grandfor the entire place, so obviously withyour all-in budget of $450,000, it leaves youwith $100,000.

And look,with that kind of money, we can open upthis foyer and dining room, update the living room with that modern fireplaceyou've been after, update the kitchen,add an office, and turn this beautifuloutdoor pool into a relaxing retreat.

So what do you think? I love just the landand the views from back here.

And with the thingsthat you guys said that you were gonna work oninside of the house, I think this one'sgonna be hard to beat.

We've got one more propertyto show you.

As you've narrowed inon your wish list, it got the inventorypretty tight.

So I'm excited to show youthis other project, see what you think.

DEAN: All right.

All right, follow us.

♪♪ The next houseis definitely more simple.


There's notso many projects.

That's why I thinkit's a slam dunk.

All right,I think this is it.

BRITTANY: Is this it? House looksa little bit dated.

Yep, for sure.

♪♪ DEAN: All right,I think this is it.

Is this it? House looksa little bit dated.

Yep, for sure.

Should we go check it out? Yeah, let's go look.



-All right.

This home lookskind of similar, right? -Yeah-Yes.

CHIP:First impression.

DEAN: Yeah, there's stoneon this side, then there's siding,then there's brick — there's a lot of thingsgoing on.

And then a carport.


It's a littleall over the place.


CHIP: Sure.


For me, it's more,do you like the land? Do you likethe location? Because this is gonnadrastically change.

The house itself, it's just,"How do we simplify it? How do we make itmore your style?" DEAN: Sure.

We're naming this housethe Pick-A-Door House.

'Cause as you walk up, you got three entry points –all doors.

You've got four bedrooms,two baths.

It's a little over2,700 square feet.

It's aboutfive acres of dirt, but they're only asking$230,000 for this property, so with y'all's all-inbudget of $450 grand, that leaves youright at $220,000 to do this renovation.

Sounds great.

I'm excited.


Let's do it.

Let's go look.

♪♪ Ta-da.


JOANNA: Look,it's like the outside.



DEAN: Yeah.

Mix-and-matchedon the floor, too.

Got it all.

CHIP: Yes.

JOANNA: So in the main entry,I would do all new hardwoods, resurface this fireplace, figure out a way tomake it really modernand fit your style, do a whole wall of windows,update the beams, and then do some painton the walls.

BRITTANY: I thinkthat makes a lot of sense.

I'm wondering, are you okayif we close this off a bit and call thisyour office? Yeah, I think that that couldbe really cool to do that.


Let's gocheck out the kitchen.


JOANNA: I love it.

So you see you've gottwo different stain colors.


I think that's mahoganyon the right, maybe a dark walnuton the left.


You've got options.

That's right.

SO in the kitchen, I would start by taking outall the popcorn ceiling, removing allthe fluorescent lighting, and adding somerecessed can lights in here.

I'd love to knockthis wall down that goesinto the dining room and expand your kitcheninto that space.

We updateall the cabinets.

We do new countertops,new backsplash, and all new appliances.

Yeah, I like that a lot.

Let's go check outthe master suite.


-Sounds good.

JOANNA:The tricky thing about thisis was the garage, hence nowthe size is awesome.


The only kicker hereis that we're missinga master bathroom.


So no matter what, we've got to add ona master bathroom.

So with the master bedroom, I would tear up all the tile, do some hardwood floorsin here, add all new windows,new texture on the walls, all new lighting, new paint, and then we'd have to adda master bathroom and closet.

I thinkI could picture this being the master suitefor sure.

You know, we've savedour best card for last.

This backyardis really special.


Let's go check it out.


DEAN: Oh, wow.

This is beautiful.

CHIP:Great backyard, guys.

This property, obviously, we're referring toas the Pick-A-Door House, four bedrooms, two baths, and it's closerto 2,700 square feet.

IT's about five acres, but the price now, you're only talking about $230grand.

SO that leaves you over $200,000to do the renovations, and with that budget, we can give youthe exterior modern vibe that you're after, updating that living roomand fireplace, give youthe office you need, get that kitchenreally set up right, and create a master suitewith a brand-new bathroom.

So thinking aboutboth properties, one with multiple options from a buildingand pool standpoint, this with multiple optionsfrom a cosmetic standpoint.

Do one of thesespeak to y'all? Yeah, I think so.

I think so, yeah.


Yeah, I thinkafter looking at both houses, it's really no question that we're gonna lovethis Pick-A-Door House.

That was easy.

BRITTANY:We're excited, yeah.

Hot diggity.

Well, that's exciting.

DEAN:Just with all the land and thenthe increased renovation budget, we're gonna be able to doa lot more of whatwe want to do, I think.



Glad to be a part of this.

BRITTANY: Thank you.

Can't wait to turn it into theindustrial modern house that you guysare really wanting.

We have absolute faithyou will.

CHIP: All right.

You've got a lot of work to do,girlfriend.

-I know.

-All right.

-Thanks so much, Chip.

-Sounds good.

-Congratulations, man.

-Thank you.

-This was so fun.

-All right.

Babe, do you thinkyou can do this? I think I'm gonna let Chip bethe design lead on this one, so that when it doesn'tlook like industrial modern, we can blame him.

♪♪ All right, y'all,we've got a pretty big variable we got to consider here.

Okay, what is it? Well, I wanted to get y'allover here at the house because we really have a good news, bad newsscenario here.

Good news iswe are under contract.


Yay! The Wixsoms are officiallyunder contract.

And, you know, in my universe, boy, that's definitely rounding second,heading to third.

Bad news is we had an engineercome over here and he confirmedthat we've got some major issues that cost somewherebetween $10,000 and $15,000.


♪♪ Well, I wanted to get y'allover here at the house because we really have a good news, bad newsscenario here.

Good news iswe are under contract.


Yay! Bad news ison the inspection report, the fireplacewas not engineered properly, and so we've gotsome major issues as this fireplace is basicallystarting to deteriorate.

They say, ballpark, if you can stickthe end of your finger in, the entire fireplaceis defective.

When I sawthe inspection report, I wasn't sureI believed it.

But you startlooking at the details, it makes a lot of sense.

You can't see itor really even feel it, but we've got a slight gradeto this exact corner, and that basically means that the foundationis kind of giving way to the weightof this fireplace.

So we had an engineercome over here, and he confirmedthat the fireplace in fact needs to be demolished and then the foundationneeds to be shored up.

And then we need to buildthe fireplace back up.

That costs somewherebetween $10,000 and $15,000.


So I would suggest that we go backto the sellers, and we tryto negotiate a price less thanthe current asking price that includes ushaving the ability to repair this fireplace and the foundationunderneath it.

I think that sounds likea great plan, for sure.


I think the fireplaceis something that we really loveand we want to keep, and so we want to make surethat it's, you know, built the wayit's supposed to, for sure.


All right, well,let's keep our fingers crossed, and I'll let you knowwhat they come up with.

All right.

Thanks a lot, Chip.

See y'all.


♪♪ So good newson Wixsom — Chip went backto the seller about the fireplaceand the foundation, and they agreed to take$7,000 off the asking price.

So the Wixsomswere really happy about that.

They've closed,so now we've got a house.

You knowwhat I'm happy about? What? That means today's demo day,baby.

♪♪ You know,we've got a couple of walls that need to come out.

Here's Johnny.

You know, the cabinetsare in really great shape, so we're gonnasalvage those.


I got it.

This projectshould go pretty quick.

I feel likeI've got the heavy end.

Are you guyseven holding anything? Other than the fireplace, that's the only thing that gives mea little reservation.

[ Grunts ] Chip.

What are you doing? Are you sure they wantthe fireplace there? Now that we're removing it,should we reconsider it? I hope, yeah.

That would be great.

Well, then we'll needto build it back up.

You know,as much work and effort as it's gonna taketo get this thing down, the upside to it is that I get to reallyredesign something that's gonna be the focal pointin their house to really fit their style.

[ Exhales deeply ]Well, babe, I'm sorry you had to see mein this state.

And you look tired, too.

It seems likethat fireplace was giving youa run for your money.

I thinkI pulled a neck muscle.


I feel likeI've run out of gas.

Maybe you should takea little break.

Wow, you are very sweaty.

CHIP: Whoa, easy.

Everywhere I pound,the sweat pops up.

Oh, shoot.

Look what I've found.

Your toothpick.

Ew, don't put thatin your mouth.

Feel out of my hat.

Babe, I'm not kidding, that makes all the differencein the world.

[ Exhales deeply ] Okay, I'm readyto get back at it.

I'm gonna go back outside.

Be careful, babe.

Watch out, boys.

♪♪ How y'all doing? Hey, good.

Doing great.

How are you? Good.


Today,I can't wait to show you what we've gotfor your house.

Super fun style, so if there's anything thatyou don't love on this, nothing has been done yet,so we can tweak some things.

Cool, sounds good.

Well, you rememberwe had the issue with the fireplaceand the foundation, which allowed you guys to actually purchasethe house for $223,000.

So with your all-in budgetof $450,000, that leaves you with $227,000for renovation budget, which isa healthy budget.


Okay, so we'refirst gonna start on the exteriorof the house.

We're gonna keepthe existing rock here and add these two pitches.

One thing I really loveis you'll have a little nook right inside of the entry.

I like those little benches.

That's really sweet.

The built-insare really cool, yeah.


And then on the inside, you've got thisbrand-new front door that's metal and glass.

I really wanted to tie thatin to these sliders that leadinto your dining room where you've gotthe new window.


And theninto the office.

Yeah,I think that's great.

What do y'all think aboutthe sliding doors? I love them.

Yeah,they're really cool.


I thinkit's super sweet.

Okay,on to the living, we know that there's the issuewith the fireplace.

This would bea great time to reconfigure itmore your style.

I think these concrete panelsare gonna be really cool.

You've gotthe lighter oak floors and thenthis whole wall of windows looking outinto your backyard.

I really like it.

I love it, yeah.

It's awesome.


Into the kitchen, I thought to just keep it cleanand do floating shelves, concrete countertops,a nice little coffee bar here, and then some really coollight options.

Yeah,I like that a lot.

Okay, bedroom.

We're gonna dothe wood floors in here.

We're doingall new windows.

And then I thoughtthis back wall could be black shiplapor some type of wallpaper.

I think the wallpaper would bemaybe a little too much.

Got it.

But the shiplapwould be maybe a cool touch.


Okay, and theninto the bathroom.

It's a darker feelin here, but you've got the concreteand the plaster on the walls, and then you've got the vanitythat's wood that will help break up some of the darkthat's happening in there.

No,I think it looks great.

I thinkit looks super clean.

I think you guys have donea really good job of matching our style.



Well, we can't wait to getstarted on this project and really bring this thingto life for you.



I think it's gonna bereally hard to wait.

We're really excitedto move in and get settledinto the new home, but we know it takes timeto make a good product so we're willingto wait.


We're gonna tryand be patient, but we are gonna be counting down the days,for sure, till we can move in.

For more behind-the-scenesfootage, fun design tips — and you know whatis also online? CHIP: What? "Design On Her Mind.

" Ooh.

Oh, yeah, yeah,yeah, yeah.

Check outhgtv.


That's my favorite part.

You know thatyou're my favorite designer? I like that.

That's sweet.

♪♪ JOANNA: Chip! Yo! I'm coming in, bud.

Come on in, babe.

JOANNA: The Wixsom projectis coming along.

Chip has demoedthe entire kitchen, that massive fireplace,lot of the walls.

CHIP: [ Wolf whistle ] I mean, it's a totallydifferent place.

[ Whistles ] Let me show you this'cause I am glad you're here.

Now, check that markthat I've got there.

The plans call fora 19-foot window package.

Right here's 19 feet.

On either side — Can we not gowall-to-wall? 'Cause that seems odd.

If we do that, we've got to do a header that's madeno longer out of wood.

Once you getto that 30-foot span, wood won't work anymore.

Now we have to go to metal.

How much is metal? $100 a foot.

That's expensive.

Yeah, what kind ofa budget-buster would that be if this was a 30-foot run and it's $100 a foot? $3,000.

So that's it.

I'll put a plantin the corner.


[ Chuckles ] I really wanted to goall the way, wall-to-wall,with windows, but it's a deal breaker 'causeit's a budget thing.

Babe, I just found out they trimmed outthe entire cased opening then put the window inside, so I can't getthese stinking things out withoutbreaking the window.

Oh, and, like,you're upset about that, that you have to breaka window? Well, I'm — I'm upset becauseI don't have the boys here to do it with me.

The boys are on their way.

The boys are on their way? Babysitter's dropping them offand we're switching.

You know what I've beendying to experiment with? You know those little thingsthat you can get and you canping the window in case your carever falls into the lake? They're in my car.

Remember you made fun of mefor buying that.

Those are really dumb.

They're not dumb.

Don't break any of these windowsuntil the boys get here.

Got it.

We can usemy little device.

I can't wait.

All right, hold on.

♪♪ Demolition crew.

I see that.

Baby, they're excited aboutgetting to.

These boys are studs.

Break some glass.

You whack that window, and let's see what that thingdoes to it, okay? I'm gonna step back,guys.

I'm gonna be here in caseanything happens, okay? Okay.

Okay, whack it.

Duke: Harder.

CHIP: Whack it.

Harder! JOANNA: [ Chuckles ] Wow.

Let me see.

[ Laughs ] All right, forget this, guys,we're going to plan B.

You guys ready? Mm-hmm.

Maybe a littlevictory dance? ♪ Go low, go low ♪ ♪ Go really, really low ♪ ♪ Go low, not this low,not that low ♪ ♪ Go low, go really low ♪ [ Laughs ] So now we know the car toolworks in the car.

The sledgehammerworks for demo.


Hey, boys, good work.

Thank y'all for the help.

Aren't these cute boys,babe? I love these demo boys.

♪♪ Hey, Clint.


I was shopping back there.

I know this — In the storage closet.

In the storage closet.


And I found the "W.

" Mm-hmm.

Can I — can I keep this? For who? Wixsoms.

Oh, nice.

But really I was searching — It's all yours.

You got it.

The Wixsom project is gonna bea pretty modern style home, and so I am headed to Clint'sto really try to figure out a piece that we can incorporatein the master bedroom.

What am I doing today? This is a cool couple thathave moved from Colorado.

They want super modern, so I need a dresserfor their master.


I'm really just thinkingfive-feet wide.


Lighter wood.


I'm wanting it to bereally clean and simple.


Since it's a dresser, I want them to haveplenty of storage.

Sure, so three drawerseach side.

Three drawerseach side.

Now can you do a little cutoutat the top? So, you can do this, where you actuallycut something out.

You still haveall the clean lines.

I wantas clean as possible.

Then let's do that.


Ooh, man,I like this piece a lot.

You know, I always feel likeClint gets what I want even though I kind of do this kind of awful sketchon paper.

I think he really gets it.

Thanks, Clint.

Get back to work.


Put this on my tab.

Take it.

♪♪ [ Saw blades whirring ] CHIP: All right, boys,let's get to work.

♪♪ Man, things are reallyrocking and rolling over hereat the Wixsom project.

We've got that long header beamhung finally.

The window packagesare in place.

We've added that pitch extensionto the front.

The interior sidingis being installed.

The drywall'sfinally going up.

And today, we're installinga gorgeous metal roof.

You want to just slide itin that lip there.

But a black metal roof because we're reallytrying to highlight this kind of modern element that this project's taken on.

Just a little bit further.

The interesting thingabout metal roofs in general is that you have to wear gloves, not only because this stuffis razor sharp.

I mean, one of theselittle shards nicks you, and that thing will send youto the hospital.

♪♪ But they getso hot to the touch, they're actually reflectingalmost all the heat.

Even though the roofmight be 150, 180 degrees, in the attic itself,it can be a cool 85 degrees.


So the keyto a metal roof is, man, getting it installedas quickly as possible.

So basically we got startedat the crack of dawn.

We're racing against the heat.

By 2:00 this afternoon,you will not want to be up here.

Man, this thing iscoming together great.

Lee,this thing's beautiful.

JOANNA:Hey, Dean and Brittany, are y'all ready to seeyour fixer-upper? -Yes.


All right.

[ Laughs ] Oh, gosh.

Oh, my gosh! ♪♪ CHIP: Every time we come upto the Wixsom project, I mean, it's literally,"Where did the house that we originallystarted working on go?" In this case, I like wherethis project's going — Black roof, tons and tonsof concrete accents.

So of course we couldn't letthis project pass us by without addinga little shiplap.

[ Nail gun sounding ] Hey, Chip.

Jo! Ooh.

[ Nail gun sounding ] Wow.

That's pretty.

I wanted to do an accent wallin the Wixsoms' master bedroom, just to add some texture.

And I thought shiplapwould be a great option to show people that even shiplapcan go modern.

I love the wall.

Thanks for doing that.


I have a crazy idea.

Oh, man.

Not too crazy.

Let's paint it.

White as usual? Black.

Black? Matte black.

Go put your hair up against itand let me see it.

Kind of put your hair upand let it down, like a librarian.

Heck, no.

Babe, no way.

I liked it when you wantedto paint shiplap white.

That made me feel good.

I felt –I felt happy and safe.

You didn't like the ideaof a black roof? No.

And you likethe black roof now, right? Okay.

So I think you just gowith my gut on this one, see what happens.

All right.

Let me finish this wall.

You think about other colorsbesides black.

Got it.

We'll see you then.

Every time we come upto this project, I mean,it literally feels like it's taking leaps and boundsin a very exciting direction.

I mean, lot of times,you come up to a project, and you say,"That window looks great.

" "Ooh, look at that dormer.

" But this house is almost like,"What the.

? Where did this housecome from?" What the what? What the what? ♪♪ CHIP: Today is a big day.

Okay,let's get in here tight.

All:1, 2, 3.

Rock climbing! All right,let's get up this thing.

CHIP:I thought it would be fun to bring the boysup to the climbing wall here at Baylor University.

This is awesome.

I mean,you can't work every day, but if you're gonna not work, you might as wellget the heart rate up.

I can't reach.

CHIP: Come on, Duke,keep pushing, buddy.

You got it.

All right, Drake,show me what you got, dude.

Go catch Duke-man.

The boys jumped on this walland like nothing.

I mean, got right at it,started scaling that sucker.

I was really proud of them.

Attaboy, Drakey.

All the way tothe tippity-top, Duke.

Right now,I mean, look at these boys.

Look at Drake.

Drake — this is likehis fourth time up this thing.

Duke — that was his third timeup that thing.

I mean, these boysare like mini Spider-men.

Nice! Way to go, Duke.

[ Laughs ] Good, Drakey! [ Applause ] You know,if you're gonna take a day off, spending a couple hourswith these boys, I wouldn't want itany other way.

But tomorrow,it's back to work.

Nice work.

I promised youif you made it to the top, what were we gonna do? Ice cream.

Go get some ice cream.

All right,let's go get some ice cream.


♪♪ Pretty much on the home stretchhere at the Wixsom project.

You know, all the shiplap'sgone in in the master, the exterior's ready to go, the insideis really buttoned up.

I think the last thingwe've got to get done are these amazing doors, all the glassand the metalwork that Dustinis doing for us.


Chip! Hey, Dustin.

Jo, how are you? Finally,the doors are here.

The doors are here.

What do you think? Wow.

CHIP: That's gorgeous.

Okay, open the doors.

How far down do you thinkwe should go? Do you wantpart of this to open or you want itto go all the way? I say — Just for practical,let it go all the way.

Okay, that's the wayI'll set it up.

CHIP:Gosh, that's gorgeous, Dustin.

Good work, man.

I love the way these doorsturned out.

They're huge.

They slidejust effortlessly.

I think once the glassgets in there, it's gonna tie into what we've got going on the backsideof the house.

This house is.



CHIP: The only thingthat I'm realizing that isa big pain in the rear is this is a lot of windowsto clean.

You know, now that thesedoor frames are installed, we've got a couple ofglass inserts to install, a couple of punchouts, and, I mean, Jo's on deck.

Give me one more day.

I'll have this thingcompletely buttoned up.

You be here tomorrowfirst thing.

I got it.

I'll goschedule them now, make surethey're here tomorrow.

All right.

This house is awesome.

I love it.

I have somethingfor you.

A baton, foryou.

What is it?Ooh, all right.

Get to cleaningthose windows, boy.

Man, I neededsome toilet paper.

I neededto go to the restroom.

No, clean the windows.

Oh, what? Clean the windows, and then I'm gonnamove my stuff in.

All right.

Okay, Chip,we're moving in.

CHIP: Hot diggity, babe.

How's it going? The day is finally here.

JOANNA:The idea that this was once a very bland, ranch-style home, and now it's this really unique,modern surprise.

I can't wait to seethe look on their faces.

♪♪ CHIP: It's a great dayat the Wixsom project.

Constructionis completely finished.

I thinkonce the landscape's set, all the windowsare gonna really be inviting.

The houseis gonna be really subtle, but certainlywarm and welcoming.

Okay, Chip,we're moving in.

CHIP:Hot diggity, babe.

How's it going? The day is finally here.

CHIP: Jo was on deck.

Now she's up to bat.

Young lady, take it away.

I got a couple more windows,and you are open.


I'm out.

[ Imitates a horn ] The royal windowshave been cleaned, your majesty.

[ Imitates horn honking ] [ Laughs ] ♪♪ I'm excited about finallygetting to put the furniture in this project.

Moving truck is here,they're moving stuff in.

And everythingis really coming together.

You can just put thatright here.

Go get 'em.

Show me what you got.

That goes in the office.

And that can goin that back room.

Hey, Clint.

CLINT: Hello.

That is some precision drivingright there.

You've got the dresser? Bedroom delivery.

Here we go.


Watch your head.


That is pretty.

Now let me be very clear.

Wow! Okay.

CLINT:The whole thing is ash.

That is solid.

Which is somethingI've been wanting to build with for a long time.

And I love howit's encased like this.


This is smooth.

This is gorgeous.

Thank you.

Hey, way to go modern,Clint.

We can go modern.

[ Laughs ] I mean.

I liked the challenge of it,for sure.

Oh, yeah.

Don't even think we can't.


Thank you, Clint.

JOANNA: So Clint dropped offthe dresser that he made.

I love it.

It's justsimple, clean lines.

It's really –it goes along with everything elsethat we did with this house.

And I think it's gonnafit in just right.

I can't wait for the Wixsomsto see this.

You know, it's tricky'cause it's a lot easier to fill up a spacewith a bunch of stuff than it is to reallyscale back and minimize.

So I think with this house, I really am trying to findthat balance of simplicity, but still I really want it to feel like homefor the Wixsoms.

Duke: Surprise.

Surprise? Hey, guys.

CHIP: Surprise! Ooh, you got me some pizza.

You know,I was hungry tonight, and I'm really trying to getthis project done quick.

I don't want to beaway from home for too long, so Chip brought the kids by,brought some pizza.

Tonight,Drake's at football practice, but it gives me the extra boostto really finish.

Do you guys want to help meput some books in the shelves? Emmie: Yes.

I don't want to be heretoo late.

I want to get homewith y'all.

I'm gonnahave the kids help me get everythingout of the boxes, so once it's out of the boxes, I can start putting stuffon the shelf, but other than that, I think we canwrap this thing up so I can get hometo be with my babies.

JOANNA: Good job.

You girls are naturals.

Way to go.

Emmie, I like how you putthat little candlestick down on top of that book.

High five, girls.

The kidsreally love decorating.

They like to finish things.

They liketo help their mom out.

So to them, this isn't work.

This is just fun.

JOANNA: Good job.

I think that's it, bud.

I'm gonna set these pillows.

Duke: What about the bed? You can doa little bit of the bed.

I can't wait for the Wixsomsto see this.

The idea that this was oncea very bland, ranch-style home, and now it's now it's thisreally unique, modern surprise.

I can't the wait to see the look on their facestomorrow.

♪♪ ♪♪ Okay, back again.


DEAN: We're excited.

What's the first thought that comes into your head when you see the housethat you bought? I think I'm really hopingthat you scratched most of it.

JOANNA: I think we lovethe challenge of just this kind of tiredranch-style home and really trying to turn it into somethingthat was more what you guyswere really wanting.

All night, so we called thisthe Pick-A-Door House.

And, honestly,I've kind of forgotten, but now that you see iton the front elevation, it really did look like there were three waysto enter the property.

You know, obviously, it's a four-bedroom,two-bath house.

It's about2,730 square feet.

You guys purchased this babyfor about $223,000.

You know, it was on the marketfor about $230,000.

We had an issuewith the fireplace, we went back to the seller, they were gracious enough to help us witha little bit of those funds, so, obviously, you putabout $227,000 with the reno.

So you're all in nowat $450,000, and I'm telling you — great school district,beautiful property, lots to be proud ofon this project, and I can't waitto show it to you.


You ready to see it? -Sounds good.

-We're so ready.

Y'all stay put.

-All right.

-All right.

You ready? I'm ready.

Okay, Dean and Brittany, are y'all ready to seeyour fixer-upper? -Yes.


CHIP: All right.

[ Laughs ] Oh, gosh! Oh, my gosh.

Okay, Dean and Brittany,are y'all ready to seeyour fixer-upper? DEAN: Yes.

CHIP: All right.

♪♪ [ Laughs ] Oh, gosh.

Oh, my gosh.

It looks awesome.


Guys, it looks great.

CHIP: Unrecognizable.

It's incredible.

Thank you so much.

We love it.

♪♪ It is a spectacular house.

I can you there's not manylike this in central Texas.

DEAN: It's great.

BRITTANY: For sure.

I love it.

JOANNA: We kept the rock.

We found that same rock, and we put it over thereby the new garage.

We balanced it outa little bit, but I think the plasterreally makes it stand out.

And you've gota little touch of wood, so it kind oftones it down a bit, but the darker siding,all the new windows, I feel like just give itmore of that edge that you guys were wanting.

I feel like it's gota completely different vibe.

Yep, awesome.


Well, you readyto go check it out? -Yep, for sure.

-So ready.

Without further ado.

DEAN: Let's go.

-We're so excited.

After y'all.

-Let's go.

♪♪ -Oh, my gosh.



-This is awesome.

-Welcome home, guys.

♪♪ Oh, my gosh.

This is a completetransformation.

This is crazy.

♪♪ JOANNA: All new flooring.

You've got some new beams that tied intothe color of the floor.

I thinkthe biggest transformation is the windowsin the back.

It's a slider,so both sides slide open.

And then, obviously, we had to reworkthe fireplace anyway, so we thoughtwhile we're reworking it, let's make it looka little bit more like what y'all were wanting.

So we did this really coolarchitectural element.

-Yeah, it's awesome.


-I appreciate it.

-The fireplace is crazy cool.



DEAN:I kind of want to touch it.

CHIP:Touch it, touch it.

[ Laughter ] It's awesome.

It looks really sharp.

You guys readyto check out the office? Yes.


♪♪ -This is awesome.


So, Chip, show themhow these sliders work.

-Look at these bad boys.

-Oh, man.

You can, obviously,open them all the way up.

All the way in.

They've got these stops.

Bring them all the way out if you needa little privacy — you've got a little work to do,whatever.

CHIP:These things come together.

I mean, they really kiss.

That's awesome.

That's pretty cool, huh? That's really cool.

It feels quiet in here.


I'm surprised thatthey just block the noise.

So we did thisunique built-in.

This is white oak.

Very cool.

And you've got a little closeton the other side.

The floor-to-ceiling windowswere pretty dramatic.

This perfect'cause I've got the quiet, but I can see my familyout here hanging out, so that's gonna beperfect.


I love that.

That's sweet.


Where are we going now,Jo? Dining room.

All right.

Wow, this is great.

BRITTANY: Very cool.

I love that light.

Yeah, that light fixtureis sweet.

So dining room, same exact footprintas the office, which I like,because I feel like it's a nice balanceto this space.

CHIP:Mm-hmm, really pretty.

Yep, I love thatyou can open this up and kind of walk right infrom the kitchen.

So I thinkit's gonna be great.


Do you want to show themthe kitchen? It's my favorite.

All right.

Kitchen, let's go.

Let's do it.

Let's go.

♪♪ Okay,so now into your kitchen.


This is awesome.


Bartop space.

The bar is sweet.

Coffee bar over here.

BRITTANY: Very cool.

So in the kitchen, I mean, I feel like this wasreally the same footprint, but we just didall new lowers, kind of a moremodern approach, as far asthere's no hardware.

DEAN: I thinkit looks super clean.

I lovethe open shelving up top and then the use of the drawerson the bottom.

I think it's great.

I love it.

What do y'all think aboutthe extended bartop area here? This is super cool.

I love thatyou can kind of look out in the backyard,for sure.

We got one moreup our sleeve.

Master bedroom.

All right.

Let's go check it out.


♪♪ Oh, man.

Oh, man.

This is big.

JOANNA: It is big.

Yeah, it's really big.

Also, it just feels long.

DEAN: Yes.

We addedthese two huge windows, so that it just makes it feelmore light and airy in here.

Chip thoughtI was losing my mind when I said we werepainting shiplap black.

CHIP: I told her she couldpaint it any color but black.

But y'all were right.

I think it looks great.

Yeah, I love the contrast.

Our friend Clintbuilt this dresser for your master bedroom.

BRITTANY: It looks sharp.

I like it.

DEAN: It looks good.

It's awesome.

Very cool.

Well? Master bathroom.

Bathroom it is.


All right, here we go.

This tile's really cool.


JOANNA: [ Laughs ] It looks so good.


CHIP:It looks sharp, doesn't it? Yep, super clean.

JOANNA: Yeah, so,we've got this fun vanity that, you know, I feel likewith all the black, something needed to bekind of toned down a bit, so we've havethis natural wood.

And then we've gotthese fun brass fixtures, that I think really look prettywith the black.

Mm-hmm, yep.

This is everythingwe envisioned and more.

It looks incredible.

That means a lot.

Well, let's go sitand relax a little bitin the living room.

We'll wrap this up.

-All right.


After y'all.

♪♪ JOANNA:Was it weird being removedfrom the process? That's was harder for us.

I think it would've been,you know, comforting to come look at the progressas it went along, but we definitely hadour trust in you guys, and you guys hit itout of the park.


And just that we get to callthis place home is a dream.

Thank you.

We reallywanted to tell y'all that we were thankfulthat y'all chose us, that you werea part of this process.

We hope you live herehappily ever after.

-Thank you so much.

-Thank you so much.

We can't thinky'all enough.

♪♪ DEAN: What are you doing? Are you playingwith some grass? BRITTANY:It's been a nice change of pace from living in the city to kind of be out on our own and just kind of be ableto enjoy the outdoors.

DEAN: Stand up.

Sitting outsidein the evenings once thingsstart to cool off, it's been really great.


Sit up by yourselfin your track suit.

It's so cute.

I feel likewe get up in the morning and we still can't believewe live here.

It's just really beena dream for us.

Come to me.

Whee! ♪♪.

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