Traditional Food (halim)

Traditional Food (halim)

Hye! I'm Halim.

I'm a first semester student from Diploma in Industrial Design Today i'm going to interview some of my friends about the most famous traditional food in Malaysia It is called Nasi Lemak I have a few for them.

So,let's start it Yaa.

It is well known over the years and all over the world,not only in our country Wow! I'm unspeechless.

It's all in one bite It's spicy,milky,salty and sweet Of course I did.

It is our local special dish I like to put more sambal sauce.

Sometimes the anchovies were cooked with the sambal It's not too crispy but the taste is awesome I always buy in packed with the pyramid shape So,I can eat anywhere.

That way is more easier for me There are many kind of side dishes like meat,chicken and rendang It is simply been possible in one plate.

So,I choose as much as I could Then,when I look at my plate that full of dishes,I don't know how to begin with The main ingredients are.

Of course we have rice,coconut milk and.

Pandan leaves lemon grass that crush at the bottom to get the smell of the fragrence of lemon grass We can choose hard-boiled or fried eggs We need crispy anchovies,and some cucumber slices and also peanut to make it perfect So,there is no doubt anymore.

Nasi Lemak is a very fantastic,amazing and also marvelouse traditional food in Malaysia Moreover,it is a heritage from ancestor So,we have to be proud of our national dishes That's all for today.

Thank you for watching this video BYE !!!.

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