Traditional Cooking and Steaming rice

Traditional Cooking and Steaming rice

Viewers, cooking rice is something ordinaryand familiar that we do in the kitchen.

But sometimes rice produced is not as we expected.

We share the experience with you, about howtraditional cooking rice.

The first thing we have to prepare is to takea bowl of rice, equivalent to half a kilogram.

Enter in the kettle and ready to be washed.

Pour approximately one liter of clean water.

Our rice washing process done by hand stirringwear.

In the rice washing, always keep in mind,not to squeeze too strong.

Just do the washing process with a reasonablemanner, so that the content of nutrients in rice is always awake.

Viewers, repeat this step with rice washing in 3 times processing.

To measure the water in the kettle we put the finger in the measurement.

This is the size of the cooking rice using modern cooking appliance.

As for size of this is the process of cooking rice for what we're doing.

Furthermore, turn on the stove, put the kettle on it and wait for it to boil.

Viewers, use a large fire in this step.

Turn off the stove for a while, after boiling.

Stir gently and set aside some time, the water content will disappear by itself.

The next step, prepare a steamer pot.

Add water as needed.

Turn on the stove and cover the steamer pan.

After boiling, open the lid of the pot steamer, take rice from the kettle gradually and enter into it.

Viewers, cooking rice properly of course will produce maximum rice, not mushy and not dry.

And of course, the flow of the process from start to wash rice, cook, boil, and steam the rice is ideal for us.

Cover the pan steamer, use big fire and wait for the steaming process for approximately 15 minutes.

Or you can do a test with your fingers, take a little rice in the steamer and feel the texture.

When the process is correct, rice texture will really reach the maximum point.

Viewers, when the steaming process felt enough, turn off the stove and ready to be served.

For additional information for us, If you are going to store rice in the rice heating appliance, keep the rice in the coldest texture first.

Save the rice in a heated tool no more than 6 hours, so that the taste, texture and appearance did not disappoint to be enjoyed.

Viewers, good rice, the texture is not too dry and not too soft and not perishable.

Viewers, we present this video specially to you who want to learn to cook rice, or for those of you who want to present the maximum texture quality of rice with the traditional way.

Learning is to know something we do not know and understand before.

Thus viewers, steps and processes of cooking and steaming rice in the traditional way.

We always share the experience with you about how to cook food from different point of views.

Thanks you for your attention, I hope today is better than yesterday.

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