The Ladakh Food Trail | Traditional Recipes In Leh | Unique Stories From India

The Ladakh Food Trail | Traditional Recipes In Leh | Unique Stories From India

Tap the bell icon on the YouTube appAnd never miss out on unique stories From 101india Just driven forty five minutes from Leh city to this place called ThikseyWhere we have come to meet this lady who, we have been told has this secret recipeTo some of the oldest Ladakhi cuisine So now we are going to find out what is theX factor That makes her the authority on traditionalLadakhi cuisine So check it out! Hello! How you doing? She took me to her backyard where she pretty much grew every vegetable possibleGotta love this resourceful and innovative Ladakhi chef lady! First up was the famous Ladakhi ThukpaThe stew which is eaten across the region In Ladakh, never panic.

It's always organic! It's so different from the thukpa that we are normally used to eatingWhich is at the restaurants This is more basicThis is what Ladakhis survive on through harsh wintersSo, yeah.

I rate it maybe like a 7/10 Next on the chart was Paba The most popular breakfast item across theLadakh region It tastes like a concoction of dry raw roti With sour lassi (buttermilk)-1/10 Ladakh was an overwhelming experienceStunning landscapes Fascinating monasteriesCrazy fun travellers Tibetan flea markets at every cornerAnd many shy locals I met many explorersSome were on a spiritual quest And some enamoured by the mystery of LadakhRight now, we are outside Sonam's house Who is one of the coolest Ladakhi guys I haveever met Who has been with us on the entire tripShowing us around and helping us Hello! How are you? They decided to make Chutaki for us, a traditionalLadakhi stew It's very delicious! It reminds me of what my granny used to makeWhich is like a derivative version of Burmese Khow sueybut like Cambodian curry Sort of all the taste amalgamated and became one It's phenomenal.

I will definitely rate it 10/10 I could get used to eating this every day Let's face itSome traditional foods just suck But some are bloody fantasticFor all those who are coming to Ladakh for the foodYou are half right Oh, and a must try is a Ladakhi saké called Chang Drink up and Bon Appétit!.

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