The Derry Lead – traditional Irish dance

The Derry Lead – traditional Irish dance

Kieran: We're learning a new horn pipe,and it's called "The Derry Lead.

" So, from County Derry.

And "lead," meaning it's usually done as an opening step.

Sometimes in a circle, but as a lead out step.

It's one of the few that actually has a name.

So it's nice that way, because if someone says, "Do you know the Derry Lead?"And you know it, you don't have to be like, one two, one two, one two.

Emerald: Oh, yeah.

Kieran: It's like one of the few steps thatactually has a name.

And I learned it from, probably from DonnyGolden.

Some of the horn pipes I'm teaching are from a big show I was in when I was ateenager.

It was actually at Radio City Music Hall.

Emerald: Oh, excellent.

(Laughs) Kieran: It was a St.

Patrick's Day show, andthere were a hundred Irish dancers in it.

Emerald: Wow.

Kieran: A hundred, at the same time.

So thiswas one of those steps that we did, and I did that show for two years.

And there – I love these steps because they're really fast, and they're kind of showy.

Very showy.


Anyway, I've always retained them, asa group of steps.

So, this one goes.

Kieran: So it's triplet, triplet, triplet.

Emerald: I know, it's crazy! Kieran: It's really not that hard, but it'sdefinitely dense.

So we have four little flat toe tips.

One, two, three, four.

And right from the fourth one, you do a steptriple cut.

So it's.

And then, you're going to do that again, except with three toe tips instead of four, becauseyou don't have the pickup note.


Kieran: Yep! And then you do, from there,you're going to do, two more of those step triple cuts, but just without the tips.

Soone on the right, one on the left.

Yeah, it will be right left.

So from the beginning, it's.

One, two, three, four, cut, three.

Kieran: Yep.

And here, you don't have to – it's still a cut with that sharpness, but you don't haveto lift all the way up.

Emerald: Okay.

Kieran: You'll never make it on time withfast, horn-pipe music.

So go for like halfway.

Kieran: And keep them really crispy.


Emerald: Okay.

Kieran: Then we do,One, two, three, four.

Kieran: Then we do three.

Emerald: Okay.

Kieran: So it's four, four, three, one.

Emerald: Four, four, three, one.

Kieran: (Counting) Emerald: Okay.

Cool! Kieran: So it's actually a pretty clear patternto remember.

It's not technically that hard, but you want to get the sounds really clear.

Try it again? Ready, here we go.

Kieran: Good.

Emerald: Yay! It wasn't as scary as I thoughtit would be.

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