Spicy Lady’s Finger Fry Making in Traditional Style | Okra Fry | Bhindi Fry | Traditional foods

Spicy Lady’s Finger Fry Making in Traditional Style | Okra Fry | Bhindi Fry | Traditional foods


Welcome to TRADITIONAL FOODS Today we are preparing okra fry LADY'S FINGER OR OKRA CURRY LEAVES GREEN CHILLIES ONIONS GINGER AND GARLIC CORIANDER LEAVES SALT CHILLI POWDER CORIANDER POWDER CUMIN POWDER BENGAL GRAM SEASONING SPICES GRATED COCONUT MUSTARD SEEDS TURMERIC POWDER OIL lets cut the veggies now 1st lets cut lady's finger Lady's finger is nicely sliced ,,, lets take the pieces into bowl cut green chillies Nicely chop them last one slit it and cut into bigger pieces chop the onions cutting of onions is finished.

Now take them into bowl lets light the stove add oil Heating of oil takes some time.

In the meanwhile mix gingergarlic paste add garlic and ginger into mortar and grind it into paste our ginger garlic paste is ready, lets take it into a bowl our oil got heated Add cumin seeds, mustard seeds,black gram into the oil ( SEASONING SPICES ) now add bengal gram mix the contents.

With a spatula Our seasoning spices have been slightly sauteed add onions add green chillies mix the contents add curry leaves mix the contents add salt onions have slightly sauteed add chopped lady's finger into this mix the contents keep in simmer mode for atleast 5 min After 5 min , our lady's finger is almost cooked add little quatity of salt add turmeric powder add cumin powder add coriander powder mix the contents add red chilli powder add grated coconut mix the contents Our Lady's finger fry is almost ready.

Add coriander leaves our simple recipe of Lady's finger fry is ready We can eat this with roti , chapathi , pulka also I am tasting this with rice and lets see how this tastes lets switch off the stove 1st clean the banana leaf with water Our lady's finger fry is very good even with rice It will be excellent if we eat with chapathi I hope you will try this at home and enjoy it Thank You.

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