South Indian Bridal Saree Makeup and Hairstyle Step By Step | Traditional Bridal Makeup Tips | DIY

South Indian Bridal Saree Makeup and Hairstyle Step By Step | Traditional Bridal Makeup Tips | DIY

Tamil Style Use a silk saree for this method.

Tuck the end of the saree (non- pallu end)on the right side and bring it around the waist to the back side, tuck it in fully whiledoing the same.

Bring it towards the front again and tuckit on the sides twice, leaving some length of fabric in between as shown.

Bring the saree around the waist again towardsthe front.

Now pleat the front end (pallu end) makingas many pleats as needed.

Now place the pleated pallu on the left shoulderand secure with a pin.

Now make pleats with the fabric left in between the waist.

Adjust the pleats in the front and tuck itin as per the flow needed for the person’s height, while doing this adjust the fabricneatly near the waist and then tuck it in the center.

Party Rolling Hair Bun Let’s do the Braiding Bun in which againwe are taking the front hair, section it and adding it to each other, taking from thereand tightening here.

This is a type of French adding we are addingonly from the front side, and regular braiding and here we are putting the rubber band simpleand a regular rubber band.

Lets do the other way, section, comb it makeit three and start braiding, braid it till the end.

Now we are sectioning into three layers, wewill take the crown hair, take a fine sectioning line comb well, and keep the section aside.

Now the next section comb well smoothen itand keep aside.

Now we have the last layer which is we arecombing well, smoothening it out and we are taking a rubber band and a ponytail.

Then the second layer comb it well and againput a pony tail.

Keep the heads out, same way we have to keepone head out here also and the third, and the same we are creating a ponytail andthe last head out.

Now we have to mat these heads with each otherwith using bobby pins.

Now this can be gone in and rolled from theother way and put it in, and last and roll this inside clip this in and roll it fromthe top, put inside tuck it in with the bobby pins We are adding studs to enhance the braids.

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