SNHU Advantage Offers Traditional College Courses in a Supportive Environment

SNHU Advantage Offers Traditional College Courses in a Supportive Environment

SNHU Advantage is an opportunity to do traditional college in a little bit of a different way.

It's a reduced cost, commuter option program accredited through Southern New Hampshire University where students attend classes in Salem.

This program serves as an option for students who are looking for both affordability, smaller class sizes and more support.

The learning environment is really what we pride ourselves on.

It's a small setting.

It's really hard to fall behind here because of how the structure set up.

The professors are really focused on you.

Getting that hands-on experience with teachers really helps me out.

What you're seeing is the more personal approach.

There's more support services, you're not on your own here.

You've got a team of people that are here to support you.

We have a very proactive approach here and so our advisors checking grades on a weekly basis to catch those students that are struggling and we have an academic support center so students could go get additional support outside of the classroom.

We also have a set schedule.

So classes are Monday through rsday 8:00am to 1230.

That works perfectly so I get to work 40 hours a week plus go to school full-time.

Some students just want that associates degree and they want to go out and find a job.

So we have career counselors that help them with that process.

For a lot of students they want to go on for a bachelor's degree.

There's an automatic acceptance to any one of the programs that Southern New Hampshire University offers.

There are different ways that students can do college and certain settings made better suit the needs of a student so I think it's important that guidance counselors reach out and learn about SNHU Advantage.

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