RISA TUTORIAL: Learn How To Put On A Yukata | The Japanese Traditional Summer Kimono

RISA TUTORIAL: Learn How To Put On A Yukata | The Japanese Traditional Summer Kimono

Now, we are in the closet shop.

And, I think of how to wear the yukata from now and want to do it yourself.

First grab the yukata collar, spread widely the hand, Raise the yukata far this ankle.

And placed in the right-hand side, and then cover on the left side.

Once tied, and prepares your Hashori.

In accordance with the height of the collarbone, we will continue to raise the collar.

Oh, there was a mirror over there.


A little way.

Behind Colin.

In Colin, how what I mean to, we bear.

This collar from stuffed Kyu and above, It stopped at the position of about the same on the opposite side.

There Kke Where is it? Well, yes.

The Date tightening, will continue to tighten in front of the band.

In a little increase.

From the wound and Winding and Sliding, Plug placed in this Hajikko.

'm difficult, this.

The band up to the length of the elbow, a little more, so much or you take.


It rolled in, and then second rotating.

The position.

that? completely different.

Put it in the.

, Yoisho.

In, have this Hajikko, it takes to fit the width of the shoulders.

to make the two mountain doing this from the outside A little while ago was taken at shoulder width, Plug put in.

In, of Se, and tighten tightly.

One more time,.

through the same place In the place of the band wound to the very first, it puts bent.

In, I was able to form.

In, that the made in this behind, and turn from now.



Bring up the middle.

Somehow, I funny! Prima facie, the first time the band knot looks like.

I was able! It might be great extreme clumsiness.

finished! Please by all means try to wear yukata by yourself also.

Kimono rental, wardrobe shop, Thank you.

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