Proměny tradiční stravy – Changes of traditional food

Proměny tradiční stravy – Changes of traditional food

One of the few thingsthat connect traditional folk culture of differentCentral European countries are some kindsof food and drinks.

Our attention in this moviewill focus on one of the most populardesserts – "Strudel".

Strudel origin goes backto the Middle Ages and the roots can be traced in a traditionalTurkish-Arab cuisine.

To the countriesof the Habsburg monarchy it came withthe Turkish invasion when these types of desserts became partof the Balkan cuisine and subsequentlyCentral European cuisine.

Slovenian and Hungarian cuisines are influenced directlyfrom Turkish cuisine Austrian cuisinethrough Slovenia southern Slovakianthrough Hungary and the Czechand nordern Slovakian then through the Austria.

Today I´m going to show youhow to prepare pulled strudel the way it has beenmade in my family the way my motherand grandmother used to bake it.

Pulled strudel, its history it probably has its originin the Ottoman Empire and the Turks brought itfrom the Ottoman Empire to Hungaria Afterwards, from Hungariawithin Austro–Hungarian monarchy it came to Austria.

We know for sure,that the oldest Strudel recipe is from 1696 and it is housedat the "Wiener Stadtbibliothek" So what will we needfor the basic pastry The base for the pastryis wheat flour Then water, I willadd lard into it Little bit of saltand some vinegar From the mentioned ingredientsI will prepare the dough base.

Now I will prepare dough.

First some lukewarm water… Few drops of vinegar… Litle bit of salt… one tablespoon of lard… I will dissolve the lardand as soon as it all will be dissolved we will add one egg into it.

Into dissolved lard with water and vinegar now I add an egg.

And I will mix it properly.

Lard, water and egg,all is dissolved and mixed and now I will preparethe flour and I will knead dough.

Now put the flouron the large plate.

I will make a well in flour and carefully I willpour the liquid part.

One should be carefuland make sure that all the ingredientswill combine properly and will not stay too liquid Well, the dough has to behandled properly so it won´t be stickyto the hands and to the plate.

Proper elaboration of the doughis extremely important.

I see, that the doughis elaborated properly.

Now I let it relaxfor approximately half an hour.

Cover it with warmed pot.

And let it relaxfor at least half an hour so all the ingredientswill combine and the dough will be smoothand it can be pulled easily.

While dough is relaxing,I will prepare filling.

I am preparing pulled apple strudel,therefore I will prepare the apples.

For this amount of doughwe need approximately one kilogram of apples,but first we have to peel them.

Apples are now peeled but we don´t haveto throw peelings away because we can dry themand make a tea.

Now I will prepare the apples first i will get rid of the apple coresand I will slice them.

We can also grate them but it is betterto cut them into thin slices.

The best apples for strudelare little bit sour.

Cut them intovery thin slices.

Now I will preparethe butter, dissolve it and fry breadcrumbs,this is going to be the base for the apples.

When the dough is ready,we can dissolve the second butter which I will smearon the pastry.

I´m dissolving the butter.

First partof the butter.

I need for fryingbreadcrumbs.

Fry breadcrumbs properly.

Now it´s timeto dissolve another butter which I will usefor the pulled pastry I will smear the pastryand put breadcrumbs on that apples and nutsand raisins at the end Afterwards I willdrizzle it with butter and I will wrap the pastryand smear butter on it again.

I´m preparing the plate where I at first roll dough and i also need a dishtowel,I will pull dough on that.

Take dough from the pot cover.

Divide it into halves.

Now we will try to roll dough.

Put dough on floured plate or a dishtoweland start to pull it.

Always from its center steadily with the helpof my hand´s backs so it will benicely smooth and pulled.

If the dough will rupture,no problem we can easily correct it.

Now we should work with hands only,without using a dough roller.

Our dough is pulledand we will prepare other ingredients.

We will smear it with butter and fill it with apples.

Franz Joseph requiredthe pastry so thin at least it's said so that paper deedscould be read through it.

But as you can seeeven here we can see through.

So hopefully the doughis pulled enough.

Dough is pulled enough so now i willsmear it with butter.


And now i willsprinkle it with breadcrumbs.

Prepare the apple filling and start to put itfrom the edge of the pastry to its two thirdsapproximately.

I spreadthe apples.

Apples are nicely spread,now i will add raisins nuts and sugar with cinnamon.


Add nuts.

I mean walnuts.

Now I will add sugarand powder it with sugar.

Apples are little bit sour,so i will put enough sugar.

And cinnamon.

Grease the edges with butter so the dough will sticktogether after we roll it.

Now the last phase.

We will roll the strudel.

First prepare the edges so the filling will stayinside the roll during baking.

I roll it with dish towel high above,otherwise it will not roll properly.

I start to roll it and during thati smear it with butter so it will roll welland it will have the layers.

From above.

Strudel should not be flat.

In Czech lands,strudel was also called "Závin" (Wrap) because we wrapthe filling in dough.

Translated into Czech language,strudel means "Vír" (Swirl) and it means "to wrap".

In one cooking book from 1926,the word strudel is not mentioned at all as well as “wrap“,but they call it „Twister“.

So they were calling strudel.

I´m placing strudelon the baking sheet.

I don´t needto grease the baking sheet.

I´m using baking paper.

It is more comfortable.

I will put it on baking sheet.

So, strudel is gresed.

Now we put baking sheetin the owen for about half an hour.

Let´s see how strudellooks like now.

It is well done and baked so I can remove itfrom the oven.

When strudel is done,smear it with butter or lard at the end During this strudelshould be still warm.

At the very endI powder it with sugar.

Strudel, or "Wrap" is done.

Strudels in Sloveniabelong to very traditional food and they arevery similar to "štrukli" which were known in Sloveniasince the 16th century.

They are mentioned as a Slovenian foodprepared from pulled dough.

We can simply classify theminto the group of "pogaèa" made of wrappeddough with a filling which is knownin whole Slovenia as our "gibanice"then there are "štrukli" (salty pies) baked "štrukli",breaded "štrukli", strudels etc.

Apple strudel, which is usualy servedas a dessert at the end of the meal together with coffee and otherhot drinks, came as an influence of Viennese cuisine in 19th centuryand for preparation we can find recipes in handwrittenas well as in printed cookbooks.

We can say, that strudelsbelonged among important meals, which have been prepared during fasting,when the meat hasn’t been consumed.

then strudel wasthe main dish.

Strudels were prepared withhome-made cheese, or with whipped cream but also with season fruit,especially apples.

We also know pear strudels,sour cherry strudels, very popular as well were cherry strudel.

Other kinds of strudel include those with nuts,or even blueberries.

Today we can say,that strudel is primarily a dessert which is servedat the end of the meal in restaurants togetherwith coffee, or other hot drinks.

At home it is mainly prepared as the sweet end of the meal.

we can say, that the most popularwas apple strudel, then cheese strudel.

Together we have already 127 Slovenianrecipes for strudel preparation.

There are also savory types,which are remarkably widespread for example,there is a bean strudel then we know mushroom strudel,in East Slovenia cabbage strudel etc.

Today culinary masters aretrying to invent very complicated or very simple recipesfor strudel preparation.

We also have a strudel"in kozarac" (v kozarcu) prepared in glass Very popular type is strudelwith vanilla cream, or caramel.

Strudels are preparedwith chocolate, almonds etc.

Strudels are todayprimarily sweet dishes which replaced former strudelsused as main dishes.

Those were prepared very simply,it was not necessary to write down recipes and materials, that we have,are placed in Institute of Ethnography.

In the hand-written cookbooks,there is no recipe of strudel.

It was so popular and made daily,that the cooks didn’t write recipes and they learnt to prepare itdirectly in the kitchen.

Strudels are very importantmeals in Central Europe and therefore we can find themat our neighbours Hungarians, Croatians,Austrians, Italians and we could easily find out,that this traditional food although being underthe influence of Viennese cuisine, was considerably modified.

The recipes and othersources show us that "pogaèi" which are similar to strudel were here already in Middle Ages.

Forms and types of strudel vary greatlyin central Europe.

While in the Czech strudelis filled solely with apples rarely with poppy seed the Slovaks make strudelwith nuts and cherries Hungarians and Slovenians also use other typesof fillings such as cheese, cabbage, onion, etc.

Despite the turbulentchanges in Europe influencies fromforeign cuisines and foods strudel remainsone of the few certainties in Central Europewe still have.

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