Paneer Masala Making in Traditional Style | TRADITIONAL FOODS

Paneer Masala Making in Traditional Style | TRADITIONAL FOODS

Namastey Welcome to TRADITIONAL FOODS In traditional foods ,today we are preparing Paneer Masala Ingredients needed are PANEER TOMATO PASTE ONION PASTE GINGER AND GARLIC PASTE GHEE ONIONS GREEN CHILLIES TURMERIC POWDER SALT CASHEW NUT PASTE CHILLI POWDER CUMIN SEEDS GARAM MASALA OIL Now lets see how to prepare this 1st add the paneer pieces into boiled water now cut the onions and green chillies cut the onions we finished cutting onions now cut the green chillies.

actually slit them into 2 halves as we have finished cutting onions and green chillies.

, lets do the tempering now light the stove add oil Takes 2 min for oil to get heated oil has been heated add cumin seeds add onion pieces add green chillies pieces mix the contents Fry the onions and green chillies for 2 min onions have been fried ,,, now add curry leaves add ginger and garlic paste mix the contents allow this ginger garlic paste to get fried mix the contents now add onions paste mix the contents it will take 5 min for getting onion and ginger paste to get fried ginger and garlic paste has been fried nicely.

now add tomato paste now add chilli powder add turmeric powder add garam masala powder add salt leave this for 5 minutes ,,, so that it will get cooked in the meanwhile.

add the paneer soaked in hot water into separate bowl add water into the masala mixture for this masala mixture to get boiled ,, will take 5 min our masala is ready.

now add paneer into this mix the contents now add cashew paste after leave it for 5 minutes to get boiled Our paneer masala curry is ready now swtch off the stove add ghee PANEER MASALA is ready.

will taste and tell you ,,,how it is Paneer masala is very tasty you also try this at home.

definitely will like this Namastey.

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