Nigerians And Ghanaians Guess Their Traditional Food

Nigerians And Ghanaians Guess Their Traditional Food

– You just made a generalization.

We went from spicy to knowing how to cook.

I feel like Nigerians know how to cook.

(logo whooshes)(hinge squeaks) (upbeat guitar and bongo music) – I eat it probably once or twice a year.

– I had rice last week.

– This has always been my favorite dish.

– I don't know how to makeit, but I know how to eat it.

– I hope today I likeeat something and it like just goes, mmm, this is home.

– I'm wondering if Nigerianrice will be so different that I will be able toautomatically be like, no, this is not it.

– Ooh, I'm hungry.

– Aren't plantains like fried bananas? – I really am about to smell it though.

– This one smells a bit more like home.

– This already tastes amazing,so I'm just gonna go ahead and say that this is Nigerian.

(buzzer buzzes) I can taste the love of myancestors running through this.

– Ghana, Nigeria.

(buzzer buzzes) – I'll try it one more time.

– This is Ghanaian right here.

(buzzer buzzes) – You sure? – Yeah man, this has gotthat kick and this doesn't.

– You feel focused.

– I'm trying to– Yeah.

(laughter) – This one.

– This is weak sauce this is Nigerian right here.

– Oh, that's right.

– This has gotta be Ghanaian – If you do not standfirm in your decision– – I'll take this as the Nigerian rice and this will be the Ghanaian rice.

(bell chimes) – How does it make youfeel about this beef that you just ate? – Nigerians always got to one up.

– Everybody makes jollofrice differently, okay? I'm just gonna let youknow that 'cause my mom and my aunt's jollof rice is the bomb.


– Still feel like the waythe recipe is passed down and whatnot, everybody'staste buds and the way that they flavor it is different,but hey, maybe it's just like everybody's jollof is different.

– Both Nigerian jollof rice and Ghanaian jollof rice is good.

So we did good? – Yeah, we did.

– It was between Ghana – and Nigeria.

– And Nigeria.

(logo whooshes)(hinge squeaks).

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