Hello This is Alec, and we'll talk today about the Neo-Traditional In this help us to understand the super master neo tradishinala Maria neo traditional stemmed from the evolution of the New School Because it is something between realism and the new school, new school appeared in 1980, and based on the rave movement, graphics Culture of street art, etc.

neo traditional transformed, it became even more complicated this is not realistic, but it is an absolute caste since images gipertrofirovanna this animation may hypertrophied people animals, plants, very cool color palette is natural, because it's all very bright On the other hand different types of prospects very difficult forms change, the eyes, etc.

it can be concluded as realism in the circuit, as well as some very custom design which does not fit into any one style tattoos, ie.

it's not trash polka, no new school, but you're so cool and well done all that you have created it it will also be a neo-trad.

Source: Youtube