Modification of Traditional Food from West Timor

Modification of Traditional Food from West Timor

Modification of Traditional Staple Food,from West Timor (East Nusa Tenggara) Audience, we will have a conversation with Mrs Emiliana, a local chef who are willing to share her knowledge about traditional food from West Timor Good Evening Maam Audience, we have our speaker here, we are going to start our confersation about traditional food from Kupang City West Timor Ok, as local chef can you tell us a little bit about traditional food from Kupang City West Timor such as RUMPU RAMPE, JAGUNG BOSE, DAGING SE'I & SAMBAL LUAT well traditional food such as JAGUNG BOSE basicaly from Corn and cook with other beans and coconut milk, and RUMPU-RAMPE are mixed vegetables several kinds of vegetables mixed and cook together, SAMBAL LUAT is a spicy chili sauce containts of chili, basil, lemon, onion, garlic, salt, sugar.

then how the presentation of our traditional food, has it been able to attract local tourists and international tourists? for our traditional food like SEI, usually served in a long shape so people need to taste it first to know it is delicious, not by seeing it.

1100:02:01,000 –> 00:02:09,000we should change the food appearance, so it would attract people before they taste it.

as local chef, do you have any suggestions on how we can make diversification of packing packaging innovation is needed, and now people can bring in airtight packaging for example people hwo travel to Java from Kupang should bring it in good packing.

the scent will annoy other passenger if it dont pack in good condition.

and do you have any suggestion on how to preserve our traditional food, especially for young generation.

actualy there are many kinds of traditional food that must be preserved.

the most important is, how to present it so it will attract people to try one well thank you for your time, audience this is the end of our interview with Mrs Emiliana.

this is Corn Porridge from Timor Island, named JAGUNG BOSE according to the tradition of the Timorese, they using white corn not yellow white corn and red beans boiled, then add a little salt and coconut milk Usually JAGUNG BOSE served with DAGING SEI and RUMPU-RAMPE Audience, we will have a conversation with Mr Maximus MT,an Organic Chemistry Researcher from Widya Mandira Catholic University Could share a little about the safety of food processing such as smoked beef or grilled due to some unofficial sources claim that poor food processing can cause cancer.

we are talking specifically about meat processing in East Nusa Tenggara One of the famous traditional food of NTT is MEAT SEI, processing using the smoke from wood burning kusambi (Schleichera oleosa) traditional food processing so far it's pretty good, just probably less hygienic problems so in essence, how the handling of meat should be clean and the people who cultivate it, in a clean state.

all equipment used must be clean, the problem is there.

Another problem also sounded and could cause cancer is there are rumors that, some places processing DAGING SEI using preservatives named Salpeter (Sodium Nitrate) NaNO3 Sodium Nitrate will make the meat still looks red, it's harmful effects.

several directives have been done by the health department and food and drug control agencies.

I hope people are no longer using the Sodium Nitrate.

because DAGING SEI is very popular with travelers MEAT SEI pig or cow known to have a distinctive taste, so it would be counter-productive if it is processed in a way that is not as healthy as described earlier.

How food processing comply with the health requirements all process can be done in traditional ways, but be pay attention of the hygiene.

any other traditional foods that we should know? we've a lot of seeds, leaves, tubers, flowers are often treated as traditional foodi.


Papaya Flower but not attractively packaged for urban consumers.

for example MARUNGGA (Moringa oleifera) or called KELOR, KELOR known as the food of ordinary people, if brought to the restaurant it would be outclassed.

however, the nutritional content is quite high.

Moringa trees have been used to combat malnutrition, especially among infants and nursing mothers we will see the students change the appearance MEAT SEI become relatively more attractive for culinary enthusiasts I will introduce each student start from My Name is PUTRY JOSEPH, Student ID 23110092 My Name is VERA GAELOMI, Student ID 23111103 My Name is AFNY, Student ID 23110008 Here we have prepared materials such as MEAT se'i and various vegetables as garnish the students are doing a variety of things to change the look of the food to be more attractive Background Music:: Timor Folk Song Title TIMOR DOBEN FURAK, Singer: Yulianti, Guitar: Max & Andy Background Music:: Flores Folk Song Title PALULU MERANGGURA, Singer: Yulianti, Guitar: Max & Andy As it can be seen the original look of Meat Sei we tried to change the appearance so it looks attractive, classy, and delicious.

— the end — Cameraman:: Marino Williams Cover Acoustic:: Paloma.

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