March Inside: Cihapit Traditional Market

March Inside: Cihapit Traditional Market

Hello, my name is Inke.

I'm the Chief of Cihapit and Cikaso market.

Welcome to Cihapit market.

Let's take a look at Cihapit Market inside.

Let's go.

This is the entrance for Cihapit Market, we called it "gang senggol".

Sorry it's a bit packed here.

Here, people sell ready-to-eat foods, fruits, women's goods, bananas, you can check it out.

Mural on this wall was painted by John Mart from Bandung Institute of Technology to beautify this market.

This is the picture of Ridwan Kamil, it was drawn by the kid of one of our merchant here.

This is the entrance for the middle alley, the "gang senggol" ended here.

This is the alley for vegetables, people here sell vegetables and dry goods.

We're entering the "wet" alley, they sell chicken, meat, fish, let's check it out.

They sell tofu, tempeh, fishes, meat.

Here is Mrs.



Cilik is the mentor for Cihapit Market.

The meat merchant is Mr.


Here we have merchants association named Merchants Association of Cihapit Market, its purpose is to create togetherness in the market.

Here they sell rice.

The household necessities alley will end here and we'll enter the culinary alley.

This is the icon of Cihapit Market, this food stall has already been famous since President Soekarno's era.

This is Mak Eha, the owner of this food stall.

Mak, we are being covered.

This is Mak Eha the owner of "Warung Nasi Mak Eha" which already famous since Soekarno's era.

I already become a granny.

Here we sell foods, you can try the food here someday.

We also sell Batik here, clothings.

Here is another culinary alley.

They sell vegetables with peanut sauce.

If you need handphone or photo printing, it's also here, Cihapit is pretty complete market.

This is also the culinary alley of Cihapit Market.

Here we can find coffee café.

Many book reviews are held here, communities gathering and also a place to hang out.

Here also sell juices, food and it ends up at "Warung Makan Bu Dosen".

Maybe that's all about Cihapit Market.

We're waiting for your visit in Cihapit Market, let's enliven traditional market.

Thank you.

Source: Youtube