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I’m Mohamad HusainiAiman Bin Rosli and I’m student Diploma In Accounting from Faculty Economics, and ManagementSciences.

Today, I want to tell you about Malaysian Traditional Foods.

In Malaysia,we have a lot of traditional foods.

Lets see.

First is Nasi Dagang.

What is Nasi Dagang? In Terengganu, NasiDagang is always been talk as a famous breakfast menu.

Traditionally, Nasi Dagang will be preparedby wrapping it over with banana leaves, in cone shaped and tied up with small stick.

Besides, Terengganu has one of the famous nasi dagang’s restaurant likes Nasi DagangKak Pah that is located at Medan Selera Batu Burok.

What do you know about Nasi Dagang?Nasi Dagang is a dish associated with the Malaysian or Southern Thai region that featuresrice with other ingredients piled on top or mixed in.

The rice dish often features curryor spicy local flavors.

Seafood such as fish is another common addition to this dish, andmany recipes also involve whole boiled eggs.

For me, it’s so delicious.

Next, isLaksa Terengganu? What is Laksa Terengganu? As in another states, laksa Terengganu has it’s own unique especiallyit’s gravy.

Besides, there’s two fomous known gravy that is white and red.

Can youtell me about Laksa Terengganu? Laksa is a popular spicy noodle soup in the PeranakanCuisine, which laksa is a combination of Chinese and Malay Cuisine.

Laksa consists of ricenoodles or rice vermicelli with chicken, prawn or fish, served in spicy soup either basedon rich and spicy curry coconut milk or based on sour asam(tamarind or gelugor).

It canbe found in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Southern Thailand.

What’s your hopeabout Malaysian Traditional Food? I hope that Malaysian Traditional Foods will be marketedoutside the country and may raise our country’s name.

In conclusion, Malaysia is a food heavenwhich provides variety of foods.

Therefore, as a Malaysian, we have to appreciate thatwe are able to indulge different type of mouth-watering foods in our lovely homeland.

That’s allfor today.

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