Malaysian Traditional Food

Malaysian Traditional Food



T My name is Nor Azrin bt Abd Rahim Im from diploma islamic studies of dakwah I want to present about malaysian tradisional food of kelantan once malaysia was formed, the diversity of its malaysian tradisional are recognized mainly by its geographic location , according to the states nasi kerabu was my favourite food.

Im love it! with adding budu on it.

it will make the taste more attrative furthemore, the ingredients to make nasi kerabu were easy to find.

I hope that quality of nasi kerabu wiil be upgrade and wiil be famous around the world I think laksam very tasty and delicious.

It is suitable for all ages.

It also easy to digest.

and to make it.

When i eat laksam it just like i eat a whole food pyramid because i can get carbohidrate, protein and fat for a meal.

I hope this tradisional food will never forget by the next generation.

I love budu because budu is one of my favourite food.

Budu was very easy to be found and very cheap.

You know! I can reduce my budjet because budu was so simple.

I can eat budu with some rice and salad only.

simple right! Furthemore, budu have many advantages and was very good for my mind I hope one day, budu will one of the most favourite food in malaysia not only in kelantan.

In the modern world, some of malaysian tradisional food exspecially in kelantan are indeed dying or have already been abandoned.

It is up to malaysian themselves to up hold the tradition.

One of the ways is to keep on asking your parent about the kingd of malaysian traditional food they ate when they were young.

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