L.A Traditional Bows – Zorro

L.A Traditional Bows – Zorro

Hi archers from YouTube Let me introduce you Lemuel Lemuel is the maker of reflex/deflex longbow and.

today I had the chance to try one longbow here in a 3D course And I felt very good with the bow well.

we have here different bows of different types of wood.

And Lemuel explain to us a little about these bows.

let's start with this for example Perfect.

This is the "Zorro Rojo" (Red Fox) designed with the woods wengue and bobinga, wengue is used for better vibration absober and gives more weight to the bow.

The limbs are ash and the tips are reinforced to use high permormance strings.

its 64 inches and we have another of 62 inches this bow is designed for hunters a short bow with plenty of power in the shot as you can see Lemuel can use different types of wood and materials to customize their bows This bow for example.

Is the "Zorro gris" (grey fox) And the woods are beech and iroko for the riser Is a good bow to move on the forest my bows can be configured with many types of wood or horns The customer can have a wide range to customize it right? Right, the customer can choose different configurations this bows are custom when you talk about personalized bow it means that also adapts to the draw of the customer? yes, I can create the bowadapting to the power and draw desired by the customer are bows with a progressive draw and no notes vibrations when you are shooting well.

in the video description I leave two links, the first of the supplier of these bows (Archery City) and the second page of Facebook of LA Traditional Bows.

And finally we will take the backpack to use bows for you to see in action See you!!.

Source: Youtube