How the kids reacted to his first traditional Japanese food「日本の子供が居酒屋料理を初めて食べて感じた事」

How the kids reacted to his first traditional Japanese food「日本の子供が居酒屋料理を初めて食べて感じた事」

Domo is a flow of DinJ Shops today ceased festival pecan today is here! The name of Honma where I "festival" was forgotten but more long ww The Chinese character meaning Ya ne I Ninen festival Read me "Festival" Heck fact, today one person and Chaunen Along with Hull and Hull !! come here !! This is Haru-kun! He also YouTuber and !! We do let the first time to eat tavern cuisine in Hull today Hona go either !! My house is – in choosing mon Yeah because the tavern mania Ya What yeah kana-living choice what to eat for the first time Hull today From First light place Mutcha huge cucumbers came out Eat put this to the miso was mixed with "Koji" Hona or try to eat Hona pleasing us or Hull destination to eat We also eat out Is the What good Truly delicious, sweet and faintly.

perfect Yawa Honmani perfect Ya a bit of sour and sweet In French I French pronunciation hella good !! cucumber Hull Tteyuu burns everyone with us Concombre.

1,2,3, yes! Hull Honma good www – In edamame came edamame Ya Do w summer Japan staple snack in also in English consume 95 percent of the Uncle I because there is an effect that will lower the body temperature After fit well above all to beer! Hona or eat! Upcoming tell me hella cool way to eat edamame in Hull w the middle people beans also doing with Truly hard Ninen I mouth was not crowded out Yaro see that contains the beans in? I Ya do Kokkara One in salted Tsubukai came department I shellfish Ya Tteyuu shellfish I should try to explain Nante ,, the Tteyuu salted fish is.

I do might think that feeling bad Seafood only Toka built-in salted fish of a do or shellfish mon was salted for the first time Yawa, so I do not know well Roughly salted fish is Toka octopus, Well squid classic Ya Do not even shellfish are out also for the first time and! Or try to eat It was hard? Oh, I Ya because it contains wasabi Sure Does This firm taste of spicy it wasabi.

C) off the mouth is burning) Honma Ya Do ww port It is burning The following menu is Ya sashimi of avocado Raw and avocado, But I also Yu usually eat raw Also to lucky how to cut even palm like a fish sashimi wasabi Yeah When you eat mixed with wasabi soy sauce Of which use the wasabi But is the avocado because he told me w "What's this?".

ww Avocado feel like Hull has no taste Yo you is like a taste fat.

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