Food is family: Native students host traditional dinner

Food is family: Native students host traditional dinner

Tonight we are having a feast for a fundraiser for our club.

We've gone out and gathered all of these foods ourselves and there's a lot of love that's been put in towards the food.

We're wanting to share those with the community.

Food, it's family, you know like you come together you make it all it takes a lot of time and like it's really good bonding and then you're going to eat it with your family you gotta talk you to speak to elder's.

My grandma and I we have prepared like traditional foods with like Buffalo,Washoep and Wahapee'washte which are like traditional If I can talk to them and show them more of the traditional ways to gather food and tie in the culture then you're actually changing the relationship that these kids have with our food and then getting them in the kitchen because I believe that you know you put a lot of love into the food and then people feel that.

We are the Nk'wu Nation combination it means "one nation" in Salish we are drumming group we perform at like events and sometimes we go speak so like, we try to like the inspiration we try to be leaders.

It's a beautiful sight to see to see our youth stepping up and you know getting back to their to their roots and and their appreciation in the way that we used to do things and you know they're going to be using this fundraiser to go to different conferences to empower themselves to give back to their culture to learn more things and that you know pass that on.

Sharing pieces of our culture with community members that have no idea that we're even here still it empowers the youth and empowers us to want to reclaim our cultural identity and who we are as indigenous people in our languages and where we come from it's a good reminder to us that we have hope and we are ambitious people and that we can make the changes.

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