Food for Thought – Traditional Irish Breakfast

Food for Thought – Traditional Irish Breakfast

This morning we are going to be cooking anulster fry.

I’ll tell you what an Ulster fry comprises of.

It’s bacon, Irish sausage,mushrooms, white pudding and black pudding, tomatoes, potato cakes, soda bread and that’spart of your ulster fry.

I was asked by my sister when we decided to do this why we dothis sort of food.

What she was telling me was, I know my oldest son’s more (?) heworks as a scaffolder and he would prefer a good breakfast rather than a light breakfastand lunch so if he had this going to work this would do him all day and then he wouldget his main meal at night.

That’s why a lot of Irish people eat a big breakfast ona morning.

Traditionally (?) we would get this on a Sunday morning before we go to massor church.

(?) there’s one shop you can go to and theysell lots of things that we would have at home and I got (?).

What would happen now at home, and this is every week, what would happen is all my sistersand cousins and brothers all meet up on a Saturday morning at the café.

We all workedat it when we were younger! We would meet there and this is what they would eat.

Theywould sit and they’d gossip and there must have been about 14 of them and they wouldsit and have their fry up for their breakfast and then what they would do is talk abouteverything what has happened during the week.

Then they’d leave each other and go backand meet each other – it’s a regular thing every Saturday morning.

So as they grow upand have all the kids with them, you know, they’ve still got that sort of extendedfamily over there but we don’t have it as much anymore.

(?) We always ate the fat offsteak and meat.

If you talked to anybody Irish they would say that was the nicest bit.

Another thing we used to have was… we are an awful lot of barley.

I think it's comfort food.

It fills you.

So probably if there wasn’t much in you’d have it.

I remember my mamgetting a marrow bone (?) and she put barley and carrots in it and it made broth and itwas so that you could have stood on it.

I can actually remember once my mammy and daddy,I mean there were 6, 3 boys and 3 girls, and I actually remember them not having enoughin to feed them.

I remember my mammy saying to my daddy, ‘we have all the bones wereever going to have, theirs just won’t grow’ and we were sitting eating and they were sittingwatching us and that’s the truth.

I mean, that’s not 100 years ago.

(?) all you woulddo with that is, you wouldn’t need any other bread, you wouldn’t.

You wouldn’t needmore bread but I’ve know people who do eat more bread with it.

So what we’d do withthat is you’d just have a big mug of tea, HP sauce and get stuck in.

Here’s what we do, this is a potato cake.

This here, do you know what this is? It’sjust made with cold potatoes and flour.

So never throw the spuds away.

(?): You can make it if you wanted to.

Yes, you can.

I’ve made these before.

I’vemade them just because we have had loads of potatoes left over.

You just mash a bit ofcold potato but you need a good griddle for it.

I’ll tell you what, what I sometimesused to do; I’d use the heaving thing that Asian people would use for chapattis.

Thatsort of heavy pan where it holds the heat – You’d do it in that.

There’s the sauce,there’s the salt and there’s the butter there.

The butter there would be for if anyonewanted some sliced bread as well as the fried bread.

So maybe you might (?) with a cup oftea after it.

So we’ve got mushrooms, we’ve got potato cakes, we’ve got soda bread,we’ve got white pudding, black pudding, what you could add to that if you wanted wouldbe… you could add tomatoes if you wanted, you could add beans.

That’s that.

There’s some mushrooms.

Chris, do you want one egg or two, love?Chris: Just one please.

Okay, there’s his egg.

That’s a wee bitof white pudding too.

There’s the bacon and I’ll give him one big fat sausage anda wee skinny one.

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