Hello everybody, my name is Nurul Izati Binti Idris and I'm student of international trade from faculty of economy and science management.

Now I'm going to entertaint you guys in this 3 minutes show.

Now I'm going to discuss about Malaysian Favourite Traditional Food and I have interview some people about their favourite traditional food.

Now, let's watching the video.

My opinion about Malaysian Traditional food is it is has it's own symbol of tradition During any festival whether it is Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Deepavali and Chinese New Year they will serve their guess and relatives with their own traditional food such as moon cake, maruku, nasi dagang, laksa utara, tapai, and so on.

For me I love to eat laksa utara Firstly, I would like to suggest to all parents to always cook traditional food at home.

So their children will eat and choose traditional food as their favourite food instead of western food emm.

By the way I like to eat traditional food especially nasi dagang.

All right, my advice how to maintain our traditional food is some kind of restaurant in our country should sell more traditional food than western food.

This is because if some of tourist that travel or visit our country they will prefer more traditional food than western food because western food is common one for them 1.

First boil the water and the dry laksa to leave soften save time,you can also use wet that is also available in the market.

After it soften, take the laksa and drain the water.

Then, blend the shallot together with the chili pepper to taste and a bit of water.

Insert the blend the ingredient into a pot follow by a bit of water.

Heat up the pot and insert the polygonum leave, ginger bird that have been sliced into four pieces and the dried tamarind.

After that, blend the braised fish and separated from its bones.

Insert the fish into a pot, followed by the palm sugar.

Stir it easily and let it simple.

Laksa is ready to be serve together with boil egg and well vegetables such as cucumber, salad, polygonum leave and chop chilli peppers.

I can make the conclusion that many peoples love to eat Malaysian Traditional Food and they have their own perception about this topic.

That's all for today.

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