English Documentary – Malaysian Traditional Food

English Documentary – Malaysian Traditional Food



I'm Nur Huda Najihah bt Isa.

I'm from Faculty of Islamic Contemporary and Course Arabic Languange and Literature Today i want to share about Malaysian traditional food I love to eat Keropok Lekor.

Keropok Lekor is a traditional food street snack originating from the East Cost of Malaysia and now popular all over Malaysia especially Terengganu.

It is made from fish, starch flour and a little salt.

It is then boiled and served or optionally it can be deep fried.

It is definitely one delicious teatime treat.

That's all.

Thank you.


As a native Malaysian, first off I would like to say that I'm in love of all Malaysian traditional foods.

However, there is one in particular that I really like and that would be Nasi Minyak.

Nasi Minyak is a unique Malaysian dish as it is served mostly during weddings.

Though for those who have a particular liking for this dish, can always pay a visit to Terengganu as it is served pretty much every day in Terengganu unlike the other dish.

Thank you.

I like traditional foods.

My favourite is the 'Lemang'.

The 'Lemang' is form of glutinous rice that is very succulent in its taste, and also quite fatty.

I like it a lot, so much so, I can eat plain on its own without any other side dishes.

I'd eat it with my family, my loved ones during the Raya celebration and on special occasions It's my fond memories of this food, sharing it with people I love and with my friends that bring me happy thoughts about this food.

That's why the Lemang is my favourite Malaysian traditional food.

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