Embracing traditional culture of Korea

Embracing traditional culture of Korea

A number of events presenting traditionalKorean culture introduced in ancient documents are being held in Seoul.

The National Hangeul Museum is holding theseevents so anyone can come to get a taste of Korea's culture.

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This is dough made of sweet rice flour.

Add some finely chopped jujube to the dough,steam it, and the result is Jujube Injeolmi , a traditional Korean rice cake.

Crush the steamed chestnut, add some honeyto it.

Take a small amount of the mixture, coat itwith ground pine nuts,.

And you have chestnut Yullan.

A classic Korean dessert.

These are some of the royal dishes that wereconsumed during the Joseon Dynasty, introduced in a Korean recipe book written in 1882.

Along with a demonstration, a traditionalrecipe researcher, explains the cultural background of these dishes at the event.

"This book, written in Korean, introducestraditional recipes that were popular back then and that are easy for anyone to try athome.

" Many audience members say that realized thesedishes offer something special, as opposed to the widespread fast-food or heavily processedfood consumed these days.

"People tend to overuse artificial flavoringin their food.

But I really got to taste natural flavorsin these traditional meals.

It was a great experience.

" The National Hanguel Museum hosted this eventto present to the public traditional, established Korean culture, explained in ancient documents.

"Recipes introduced in ancient documents couldbe difficult for ordinary people to comprehend.

So we wanted to provide a demonstration.

" The museum will be holding similar eventsevery other month until October, to provide a platform where people can familiarize themselveswith the ancient traditions of Korea.

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