Dosa-Nadan dosha ( traditional dosha’s)

Dosa-Nadan dosha ( traditional dosha’s)

Today I am going to make ‘Traditional Dosha’ Let’s go through the ingredients and see how to grind the mix to make these dosha’s.

White raw rice – 3 cups I have soaked it in water for 4 hours and drained it.

Urad dal -1 ½ cup Again here soaked it in water for 4 hours and drained it later.

While soaking this urad dal, I included 6 fenugreek seeds as well.

To make the dosha’s soft we need ½ cup boiled rice.

Salt- to taste.

Let’s see how to grind these ingredients.

Now starting with the urad dal , according to your grinder capacity fill half of the grinder with the urad dal.

Just top up the water until it reaches the top of the urad dal, so that we could maintain the consistency.

I have not shown how to grind the rice here in this video, but feel free to visit my previous clips on different dosha’s.

When grinding the rice, make sure you add water until the rice level, not above as we are grinding for urad dal.

So now this is the consistency that is required to make dosha’s.

Add salt to your taste and mix well.

You could use the same dosha mix consistency for making masala dosha, ghee roast.

Now we have to allow this mix to ferment, hence we will put this away in a warm place for 5-8 hours.

I have not included any yeast in this.

In cold countries you could heat your oven for few minutes and switch it off and then place this mix in it so that fermentation could occur.

AFTER 8 HOURS Heat a flat pan on medium heat and once the pan is hot.

Pour a scoop of dosha mix and gently spread it outwards.

I am planning to make 2 dosha’s here.

As you could see there are small holes appearing.

Do not cover the dosha’s.

After about 2 minutes, the edge of the dosha should have started to come out.

Now with the flat spatula turn the dosha over.

After about another 2 minutes check if the dosha’s are done by turning it over again.

If it’s ready you could take it off the flame So here our nadan dosha’s are ready.

It’s really nice and soft.

So if you remember to take the right measurements of ingredients ( 1 cup rice=1/2 cup urad dal) with a little bit of fenugreek seeds and ½ cup boiled rice and salt- you will end up making good traditional dosha’s after 8 hours.

The good combinations for these dosha’s are different types of chutney and sambar.

I hope you will try this recipe and let me know your valuable comments.

Source: Youtube