Ditch Traditional Turkey and Try Turkey Tamales on A Broad Abroad.

Ditch Traditional Turkey and Try Turkey Tamales on A Broad Abroad.

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" The adventure starts now.

Who says you have to have the same old boring turkey for Thanksgiving? Want to spice things up? Think turkey tamales.

These two abuelas– that's grandma to you, gringo– break down the process into five simple steps.

Step 1.

Build a dried corn husk with a healthy spread of masa, which is basically a mix of ground corn and lard.

Yes, lard.

You'll love it.

Trust me.

Step 2.

Grab a handful of cooked turkey and layer it on top of the masa.

Hi, turkeys.

Fun fact.

This guy is full organic.

He was raised right here, just out back.

That guy's for next year.

Step 3.

Add your molito sauce.

This mix of chilis, cinnamon, and black pepper gives your tamales some much-needed sass.

Step 4.

It's time to seal the deal.

Wrap up your tamale -[SPEAKING SPANISH] PAULA FROELICH: And then place it into a second corn husk for double deliciousness.

And now, you're ready to cook.


While avoiding major steam burns, place your tamale in the tamelera, a pot made just for cooking tamales.

Wait one hour.


Obligatory Step 6.

Stuff your face full of the yummy turkey tamales this Thanksgiving.

As they say in Mexico, de nada.

You're welcome.

On the next episode of "A Broad Abroad," we step back in time about 500 years, and check out the city that time forgot.

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