Countryside farm restaurants offer traditional Korean food experience   외국인들도 반한

Countryside farm restaurants offer traditional Korean food experience 외국인들도 반한

There are many reasons to get out of the cityand into the countryside this summer.

For many,.

eating fresh, local, traditionalfood is a big draw.

Our Won Ji-hyun reports on a program tohelp foreigners get a true taste of Korea.

Five hungry foreign chefs left the big citybehind.

A Korean agricultural agency organized theirtrip to Jeollabuk-do province to showcase the country′s traditional food culture.

Over the course of the day, the chefs got to make local dishes, learn about theirhistory.

and, of course, taste them.

″It′s very herby and rich.

It also felthearty.

The taste was very good.

It′s very similar to the taste of something from mycountry, but it′s better than that.

″ At these countryside restaurants, 90-percentof the food comes from local farms.

There′s also a bit of storytelling, asthe restaurant staff teach diners how to eat their food,.

while explaining the traditionsbehind each dish.

″The food that we serve reflects our philosophy.

Here, we only use natural ingredients to build flavor, which makes our food tastebetter and much more meaningful.

″ The government first initiated the farm-stylediners as a business model in 2007.

to help out local farmers.

There are now more than a hundred locations nationwide, with 50 more planned in thenext two years.

And the restaurants will soon become a touristattraction in Korea.

Using the feedback from Tuesday′s trip,the agricultural agency will launch tour packages to farm restaurants, hoping to attract moreforeign visitors in the future.

Won Ji-hyun, Arirang News.

Source: Youtube