Coriander  Rice Making in Traditional Style | Kothimeera Rice | కొత్తిమీర రైస్ చేయడం

Coriander Rice Making in Traditional Style | Kothimeera Rice | కొత్తిమీర రైస్ చేయడం

Namstey Welcome to TRADITIONAL FOOD which introduces SAMPRADAYA FOODS Today we are preparing Coriander Rice Ingredients needed are RICE CORIANDER LEAVES GREEN CHILLIES TOMATOES ONIONS CUMIN SEEDS TURMERIC POWDER SALT GARAM MASALA CURRY LEAVES SEASONING SPICES OIL Now put the rice into mud vessel on the stove add sufficient water into the rice for boiling light the stove rice will get boiled.

in the meanwhile lets cut teh other ingredients cut green chillies into small pieces cut one onion cut one tomato rice has been boiled.


a bit dry dry as when we make rice items it should be dry switch off the stove place to vessel with boiled rice aside As its coriander rice.

we have already chopped coriander put a mud vessel on to the stove light the stove after the vessel gets heated ,.

, lets add oil add oil sufficient for tempering after the oil gets heated ,,, lets add other ingredients add seasoning spices add curry leaves after frying of curry leave s.

add green chillies mix the contents now add onion pieces mix the contents add tomatoes mix the contents add turmeric powder mix the contents turmeric works as good antibiotic and gives good colour to the contents all the ingredients have come closer add 1 spoon of cumin seeds cumin seeds will give us very good taste mix the contents along with this coriander rice.

we don't need any chutneys or curry we can eat this directly it will be very tasty now add a pinch of coriander powder add salt depending on our taste now add our main ingredient.

Corriander leaves we should add corriander more compared to our regular dishes as its for coriander rice our ingredients are fried nicely will switch off the stove we should switch off the stove before we need ,,, as this is mud vessel and the heat will remain for some time we should add this mixture to our boiled rice mix the contents well with rice add few more coriander leaves for garnishing our coriander rice is ready will serve this in banana leaf and will taste and tell you how it is our coriander rice is very good you also try this.

Thank You.

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