Cooking Traditional Kosher Dishes : Shape Matzah Balls

Cooking Traditional Kosher Dishes : Shape Matzah Balls

Hi I'm Karen for Expert Village I removedour matzah dough from the refrigerator and I set a pot of boiling water on the stove.

Now we're going to form our matzah balls normally you do this beside the stove and you formthe balls and you set them right into the boiling water right away.

But I'm going todo it here to show you now the best way to do it I like to use an ice cream scoop likethis and it gives you a nice portion size.

But if you don't have one of those you canuse a regular spoon when you form the balls you need to wet your hands because the doughis very sticky, I'll show you with the spoon first.

Take an amount like this about 2 tablespoonsand with your wet hands you roll a ball, you don't want to stir this up because you'llall the air that you incorporated into the dough you will push out of the dough if youstir it up and it will become very, you'll have rock solid matzah balls.

Wet your handsbetween each use and you can wet the scoop also and you make a ball like this, this isabout a 1 oz scoop.

And you will make these right beside the stove and drop them rightinto the salted boiling water, you want to use a big stock pot for the boiling waterso that the water doesn't cool when you put the matzah balls in, it'll keep boiling whenyou put them in.

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