Cooking Traditional Kosher Dishes : Cook Meat to Make Cholent

Cooking Traditional Kosher Dishes : Cook Meat to Make Cholent

Hi I'm Karen for Expert Village let me showyou the pots we'll be cooking in the cholent will cook over night in a crockpot but firstwe'll be browning the meats and the onions to develop the flavor of the cholent beforewe remove it to the crockpot.

Now it's a good idea to choose a pot that has a same volumeas your crockpot so you don't end up making to much cholent that it won't fit into yourcrockpot.

Now we're going to brown our meat and our onions in the pot first put the 2tablespoons of oil into the pot and we're using a high heat because we want a reallybrown that meat, let the oil heat up a little bit.

It's good to use a nice heavy bottompot this one is a non stick put all that meat in there and I'm going to brown the cholentmeat until its it's you know starts to get nice and brown.

And then I'll add the onionsand continue the cooking you can stir it occasionally but let it sit so that it can get brown andthen stir it a little and let it brown on the other side.

After the meat has been browningabout 10 minutes then you can add your onions and continue browning just stir occasionally.

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