Cihapit Traditional Market: The Revitalization of The Market

Cihapit Traditional Market: The Revitalization of The Market

In the beginning, I sat down in this exact place, I got a cup of coffee here at Kopi Tjihapit, but the situation was different back then.

There were only few food stalls opened while the traditional market was still running.

The culinary alley still run on this place only and here I got intuition, a merchant intuition.

I think this legendary market can be rehabilitated so that it can attract more people to come.

We made an approach to the customers while I was shopping, they wanted this market to be crowded again.

And the merchants could sell their commodities, pay their debt, credits, send their kids to school and so on.

So, what I did was I opened a food stall in this market and became one of the merchant here.

After that, I gathered all merchants and important people of this market and together we collaborated to create market that they always wish for.

We also get some helps from MBA students from ITB who wants to develop public space in Bandung where market is also categorized as public place, so they make a concept to develop the market until now it becomes well-known in media.

We make use of the students' help for 3 months then we also create deadlines for the merchants.

The merchants and customers here also make a collaboration.

If you see umbrellas on top of the market, they are given by fcustomers who came back after their first shop here.

Source: Youtube