Look at how they dress up the little kids.

So cute with her little jacket.

Look at the babies, all covered up.

It's just that.

there are a lot of babies.

Awwh there she goes.

Shenzhen Library.

You guys know I love these places so much but I rarely ever come.

Look what I discovered today, which is quite interesting It reads "Automatic book sanitizer machine.

" It kills bacteria.

bugs and all that.

And yeah that's pretty much it.

How funny.

Look, here there is a video of how to use it.

You put the video inside the machine you leave it kind of open and the machine cleans it up.

How cool.

I didn't know these machines existed but of course many people might come in and use them with their hands dirty or maybe they're sick.

or for any other reason why they might be dirty.

So yeah, here are these machines.

So nice.

So interesting.

Let's see what else is in this library.

"Reading Room For the Blind" Whoa, I didn't know this was here! Seriously, for me this is something quite magical.

A really new thing.

I don't get it, how are they supposed to know that the sign is over here.

This is the area for the blind.

I've never seen books made for the blind.

I imagine they are filled with a lot of dots.

I want to see one.

This is Chinese Medicine book.

It says: "Chinese Medicine and.

" Oh, sorry I don't know how to translate.

It is about natural remedies.

It's like natural medicine.

Look its a book for the blind ! wow I've never seen something like this before.

I've never understood how they learn to read like this.

How incredible.

Thumbs up if you've seen something like this.

This is interesting really.

Where do they even begin? Blessed be these books.

Let's put this back on the shelf.

Interesting fact, since these books are made for the blind rarely any of them have any colors.

They don't spend any money on ink.

I guess it does make sense.

This is interesting, you see because for us books must have colors in order to catch our attention.

It makes them stand out more.

How many of you guys enjoy reading? Let's see what else is in here.

I like this so much When I used to study marketing I enjoyed the little trips to the library but ever since I have my business I don't have enough time to visit as often as I would like.

I mean it's for free! I just literally walked in and that was it.

You can go in and out because it's free.

I mean all the books you can read and all the things you can learn is unbelievable.

Check this out.

Computer area.

Water and bathrooms that way.

This place is so nice.

Chinese newspapers He is reading This is Shenzhen's Library.

So cool.

Everyday I walk past this place on my way to my Tai-Chi classes.

I'm going to ask at what time do they open so that I can come.

I can read and find out more about China.

I can study more about Chinese medicine.

It reminds me of my university.

Look at the Shenzhen architecture, so cool Mar CariB you must come and read some books, this place is awesome Let me tell you all.

back in Mexico when I was in college I used to like going to the library.

Look, they are connected.

That's the concert hall.

It's just another concert hall.

This is so fun.

That's the financial district my house is right over there.

It's actually really close to my house.

Like I told you, I pass this place almost every day.


Look at that what is it ? They look like movies I like watching Chinese romantic films.

I like them a lot.

Whoa, that scared me.

So scary.

It's so big.

I feel like I'm back in college.

I loved college.

What is so nice, is that you can actually read anything you want for free.

Lets go check it out upstairs.

They bring their own laptops.

In Shenzhen University there is just one library.

I only went in there once.

It was really nice and everything but I didn't need to go there as much.

I used to spend more time with friends.

Self check in book.

You can just come here and do your book check-in.

And drop it right here.

I want to see what these books are about.



What is over here.

There is so much here to discover But is all in chinese 🙂 lol I think I could keep up studying Chinese in here.

I do need to work more on my Chinese.

Medicine Health.

Medicine Health.

Oh god, I want this one.

This is my favourite.


Where are we? That's R.


Chinese Traditional Medicine.

This is all Chinese medicine.

Look, food.

Look this is the symbol for Tai-Chi.

There is so many books about Chinese traditional medicine, its all crystal clear and lot of green here I hope you enjoyed this tour.

I have to go but later on I'm going to visit.

What's so amazing is that many people are here today.

It's beautiful.

I liked it.

This are the computers where you make your book search.

The name of the book.

The editorial.

*singing* What is this? Ha, I'm always looking for health related.


What is this? Oh, I need to type down my e-mail.

We're leaving here.

Shenzhen City Library.

There are debates and many different events going on here.

Well, it was nice showing you here.

Time to go.

How nice.

Shenzhen Library.

I hope you enjoyed the video.

If you enjoyed like I did, you can give me a thumbs up.

Write in the comments down below what you thought about it.

If you thought it was interesting like I did or if you've ever seen books that are made for the blind.

Look at this beautiful sky.

Later on we can go visit "Shenzhen Concert Hall.

" See you guys on the next video, thank you so much for your attention.

Hugs and kisses :*.

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