Chinese-American Guys Wear Traditional Chinese Clothing For A Day

Chinese-American Guys Wear Traditional Chinese Clothing For A Day

– I like, wouldn't mess withme if I saw me on the street 'cause it looks like I can kick some ass.

– I'm what people call anABC, an American Born Chinese.

My mom is from Taiwan andmy dad is from Hong Kong.

– My family's China and Vietnam.

– My parents were from Hong Kong.

This is the first time I will be wearing Chinese traditional clothing.

– I grew up seeing likeJet Li and Jackie Chan wearing these clothes in movies.

– I don't like to admitit but I think there is this pressure onAsian-Americans to blend in.

– I feel like I'm still trying to learn to accept myself in America.

I feel like it's going to emphasize my Chinese-ness and Asian-ness even more.

I look like I'm from the past.

– Getting looks and getting questions is something that I'mnot looking forward to.

This is something my grandpawould go to sleep in.

– I'm expecting to have alot of fun, to be honest.

If I do see people wearingthis, it's definitely on some kind of holiday,like Chinese New Year.

I can't stop looking atpeople, this is crazy.

– My mom would be very happy to see me in these clothes right now.

I'm about to go out into the outside world and we're about to get some Dim Sum.

– You look so pretty! – [Voiceover] Oh, cutie! – So many people actuallyare complimenting me on this.

I don't know if they'rejust trying to be nice.

– It actually feels really nice though with the wind and the air andjust walking down the street.

– And there's alsosomeone staring from a car like they're like, but smiling.

– There was one guy, I noticed, who's taking a lot of pictures, right there, I don'tknow if you can see him.

It was crazy.

I'm about to pick up mygirlfriend for lunch.

She was pretty surprised.

She thought it was a prank, I think.

– What's up? – [Voiceover] Hello? – I have to hold this up and then I also have get this sleeve when I wipe.

I don't get shit on my outfit.

– These are my coworkers.

Give me your first impressions.

– All of a sudden, you were behind me, so I was like, "Oh my gosh,what are you, a ninja?" And I don't think it wasbecause you were wearing the red but maybe that was part of whyI made this absurd comment.

– And then we just called her out on it.

(laughs) – [Voiceover] Do I look more Asian? – You do, you look a lot moreAsian but I think it's great.

(laughs) – I'm super into it actually.

Like you're going to anevent vibe, like fancy event.

– You might look like a manfrom the '60s going to bed.

– A nice Hugh Hefner.

– So, I just did yoga.

– I thought it was interestingbecause it started a dialogue about where you come fromand your parents and, – That's true.

– and your lineage and stuff.

So I thought it was interesting.

– I'm proud to be Asianbut it's just exhausting having to wear my identityon my sleeve like this.

– When I first put on theoutfit and I was driving, I felt like a lot ofpeople were staring at me.

I just felt self conscious.

– In a way it made me face and address my Asian-ness head on, like in a very physical way.

– I think people's positive reactions really validated me wearing the outfit and it helped my confidence.

– Someone asked me, "Oh,does everyone in China "wear stuff like this?" It made me realize thatnot everybody understands like, how Asia works.

– The other Asian people that saw me really lit up and was like "Hey, there's an Asianperson representing.

" – It's really important to think about your place as an Asian-American.

– By the end of it, I felt kind of cool and I felt proud to be wearing it.

– It was a really fun experience.

I think I would definitely do it again.

– Just wear whatever you want as long as you're like holding yourself and being confident in it, it's all good.

– Remember when your mom dressed you and just said you lookedlike a China boss.

– [Voiceover] Yeah, Ijust sent her a photo, she's going to love it.

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