China’s Tomb-sweeping Day eats 18 kinds of traditional food

China’s Tomb-sweeping Day eats 18 kinds of traditional food

Green dumpling is a traditional snacks along the southern region Green dumpling is called "straw pulp" in a squeezed juice of wild smashed, then such a juice with access to the mill to dry pure Glutinous rice flour mix and knead, then began making dumplings.

Dumpling stuffing is made of fine sugar bean paste, When stuffing, plus a small piece of candy lard.

After the blank group made good, they were steamed into the cage, cooked vegetable oil with a brush evenly over the surface when the dumpling came out.

Ban Ai (Hakka) belong to the traditional Hakka specialty snacks The fresh wash wormwood picking back, put the pot cooked picked up, drain, wormwood boiled water to Reserved.

Then cooked chopped wormwood mud.

After a good chop mud wormwood, wormwood with boiled water, add rice and flour together until a dough forms.

And then prepared sesame, Meidou, Peanuts and other fillings packed into the dough, can be baked into the pot and steam for 15-20 minutes.

Warm mushroom package Taining traditional snacks Warm mushroom scientific name Gnaphalium raw materials, also known as Buddha ear grass, known locally as warm mushroom grass.

The eve of the annual Qingming, Fields covered with grass mouse song, it is picking a good time, but also make a good season warm mushroom package.

In taining, using freshly picked mushrooms warm grass material.

The shape of the full moon, similar to the buns.

San son is a visible areas of national life in the Han, Hui, Kazak, Uygur and other deep-fried pasta San son is a deep-fried food, beautifully crispy, North San son generous free and easy to wheat flour-based material, the South San children exquisite detail, mostly rice-based material.

Ching Ming Festival eggs eat eggs that originated in the pre-Qin era is There are some areas fire ban custom, hard-boiled egg is the best food reserves spent during this period.

Ching Ming Festival this day in addition to eating eggs, can also play.

Roughly divided into two types, one is "painted egg", the other is carved egg.

" Sub push steamed bun, also known as the old, traditional cuisine festival Shanxi Province Similar to the helmet of ancient generals, eggs or inside the package dates, above the top sub.

Dingzi veneer spend four weeks.

Similar to the helmet of ancient generals, eggs or inside the package dates, above the top sub.

Dingzi veneer spend four weeks.

The shape of Yan, insects, snakes, rabbits, or four treasures.

Circular "sub push bun" is designed for men to enjoy.

The shape of Yan, insects, snakes, rabbits, or four treasures.

Circular "sub push bun" is designed for men to enjoy.

Married women to eat a bar of "shuttle bun", "unmarried girl is eating" grasping bun bun.

" Kids have Yan, snakes, rabbits, tiger face flowers.

"Tiger" special for the boys to eat, they like the most.

Pizza popular in Fujian, Taiwan and Southeast Asia Put some skin in the pizza crisp seaweed oil, fried eggs, silk, or put a little hot sauce and other hot food volumes and more enjoyably.

The package in which a variety of vegetables, indicates that agricultural seedlings will thrive, domestic animals thrive in some areas also believe that eating the pizza wrapped celery, leek, make people more frequently (celery) labor, longer life (leek), the family business more prosperous.

Scallion pancake is the traditional cuisine and the people of Qingdao Ching Ming Festival, many people have to eat green onions and egg cake, meaning smart, this custom continues today.

Qingming This morning the whole family must eat chicken eggs and flour, and think clearly not sick.

Park seed cake is a traditional food of the people of Chaozhou Chaozhou variety of types of cake, just a ChaoShanRen can throw out a few dozen products to cake: sweet cakes, hearts cake, cake turnips, leeks cake and so on.

Mustard meal is the traditional cuisine of Fujian people It is said that eating rice mixed with mustard and mustard cooked meals year-round not long scabies.

Date cake called "sub push cake", Northern some local sugar with yeast leavened dough, steamed folder date The date pie-shaped formed swallows, wicker strung hanging on the doors and to be cold.

Cake is cereals, grains plus dates, with the object in Spring by Gan, you can increase the function of the spleen.

Qingming areas most unique Hakka rice Collected from the wild grass of various drugs to make Qingming rebel.

Commonly used herbs has wormwood, Mama, paederiae, Qingming dish (white male Weng), shepherd's purse, wolfberry leaves.

Herbs will need washed, stems, cooked, pre-mixed in the drained rice soaked network (plus the amount of rice), the fan with a pestle into a rice dish, add the brown sugar rub evenly into, blocks made of steamed rice Serve.

Princess also retains the child in the area the day before the Qingming habit of fire ban Great steamed bun with flour, walnut sandwiching, scilloides, beans, Chan outer disc-shaped, the intermediate tie a dragon egg, called "sub-fu" To steam a large total "sub-Fu", a symbol of family reunion happiness.

When the grave, the total "sub-Fu" dedicated to ancestral spirits, after the family finished eating the grave.

Spinach spinach cake before and after the Ching Ming Festival, Fuzhou every household to do spinach spinach cake Spinach juice into the press using spinach, intradermal infiltration knead cake rice milk, to date paste, red bean, radish, etc.

is formed by filling kneading.

Happy group known as "Ma Lantern" or "hemp eggs", popular JAC Pastry golden color, rounded bulky, crispy crust, inside tough soft, sticky sesame beam uniformity, refreshing sweet to eat.

Ukraine Minoru (rěn) rice to Fujian is She Minority traditional food After Ukrainian Nim picked off the leaves washed, placed in boiling water for fishing off the leaves, and then the black glutinous rice soaked in Nim soup, remove and soak for nine hours, cooking cage on cooking, can be eaten when cooked Run Run, also known as pie dish pie, soft pie dishes, pizza.

Every Qingming Festival, Quanzhou people have to eat, "Run pie dish" customs Quanzhou "food cake" is made baking flour as raw material into a thin rubbing, commonly known as "cake Run" or "rub cake", when rolled pastry food, Then roll carrots, pork, fried oyster, parsley and other mixed pot dishes, all prepared food is simple, tastes sweet and delicious.

Initially the Dragon Boat Festival to eat dumplings are not dumplings, is the day before the Qingming Cold Food.

Tangqi, Changxing, still prevails along the Wu Jiang Dumplings wide range of fillings from view, north of Beijing has a bag jujube date palm south there bean paste, fresh meat, Eight, ham, egg yolk and other fillings.

Dumplings everywhere nowadays, usually with bamboo shell package glutinous rice, but the content is based around specialty colors and customs may be.

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