BulBox – Bulgarian Food-Box – Meet the unique Bulgarian traditional food, accessible to your door

BulBox – Bulgarian Food-Box – Meet the unique Bulgarian traditional food, accessible to your door

Hello everyone, I am Andre Tokev I have turned by big passion for cooking into a job.

When I came to Bulgaria, I discovered so many traditional and healthy foods.

This inspired me to introduce to myself the specific character of the Bulgarian cuisine.

Bulgaria is famous for its extremely fruitful land and culinary traditions dating back to decades.

Big part of Bulgarian farms are small.

Manufactures where almost the whole process is hand-made.

I met housewarming Bulgarians.

Who showed me the manufacture of unique products.

I would like to present to you.

A small part of this amazing food.

This is the Bulgarian flat-sausage which is made from chopped meat with ingredients in cast.

This is Bulgarian sheep cheese which is used in the famous Shopska salad.

It is produced only in Bulgaria because.

only in Bulgaria the bacteria “Lactobacillus Bulgaricus” grows naturally.

This bacteria is the reason why the Bulgarian yogurt is famous as the best yogurt in the whole world.

This is chutney or so called ljutenica.

It is a traditional Bulgarian chutney.

made from ground baked peppers, onion, carrots, ingredients.

There is a interesting fact – in Bulgarian every grandmother.

Has a unique family recipe for her ljutenica.

This is dried round of pork from the Bulgarian Balkan region Elena.

Where the climat has influence on the right ripen.

And it is made on the grounds of a traditional recipe which goes back to decades.

Sharing the good food with people you love is what makes it special.

My big wish to share these tastes with my relatives in Germany.

Is what provoked me to come up with the idea for BulBox.

This is a box with Bulgaran products and traditional recipes which I have gathered and which I choose for myself.

We have gathered for you products from the small business Bulgarian producers which have the best quality.

To find the magic oft he Bulgarian cuisine.

Help us make the Bulgarian food approachable in the whole Germany Enjoy the Bulgarian taste!.

Source: Youtube