Hai everyone you tell no you say what does i know you tell see that side you and your chatting nothing a girl me a boy hes our director we are doing Babu Btec one web series we are comming infront of you all with that series actually the story is in kadapa district ,, theres a village called proddatur in that village a boy completes his Btec by 8 years hahaha.

thats me only what will everyone who passes Btech will do will come to ameerpet.


what dialogues they gave you and what your saying tell about the program brother okay we all came for our web series promotion we thank the TRADITIONAL FOODS channel for giving us this oppurtunity thankyou now the dish we are going to make is baby fry its not baby fry.

its baby corn fry yeah yeah that only baby corn fry baby corn , now i will tell what all the ingredients we need dry red chillies green chillies onion seasoning spices curry leaves Mirchi powder corriander seeds pepper grated coconut its dry coconut grated ( copra) not raw one cumin powder baby corn garlic salt corriander leaves oil now lets see how to make this baby corn fry you baby.

Why are you looking like that you peel baby corn then what will you do ??? stare at me you also peel what you will look at me you cut the green chillies waw.

this is sooo nice when we are young we used to go Picnic in gardens we all used to make together its like that thank you traditional foods to make us remember our childhood memories fast now we peeled baby corn our directed has cut the onions next what should we do now onions and garlic should be cuted we have cut everything what should we do now now we should cook for cooking what should we do 1st should own the stove hahhah.

no first we should know how to cook this baby corn is same like you to thin did you observe something even this like you black ok if i put a punch then i will also get one now what should we do we should add oil how many spoons of oil 2 spoons okay enough will add on extra i have a habit of giving freely we should not eat oil more if we dont eat at all we will be thin like you like an AIDS patient it will take time for the oil to get heated when i told you the story why did you accept it what you liked in it you didn't study Btec actually i studied mca but the title is babu btec i listened to the story after btec whats about their life actually i took coaching in ameerpet with you i did java its an incident which occurs in everyones life that is after completing studies before getting a job.

the courses we do so this story is interlinked with this so we thought it will reach you all easily so with this intention i accepted this story already on this story base raghuvaram btec and some other movies came and also comming thers no similarity between web series and movies wait give me seasoning spices oh so oil is heated next green chillies add curry leaves you black fellow now add onions i have a doubt we had cut the onions even green chillies and garlic also why did you keep dry red chillies like that only already they are dried so we need not cut them just pluck them into half and add them add garlic mahesh now take the baby corn from that time i am taking them but you only told me no not for eating but adding into the vessel add them fast am adding wait by catching spatula only people will give lot of buildup reduce the flame of the stove now take salt now grind the black pepper seeds and corriander seeds okay grated coconut will you eat no for adding wait if you mix them it will take hours no i will mix them now we should add chilli powder little next cumin powder in the last we will add corriander leaves you know till where this smell is comming till the shop downstairs thats why we came in between the smoking it looks like the dish is prepared well by looking.

after eating we will know anyways you people are their to taste yeah we are their sacrificial animals will cook and ask to taste now lets off the stove okay i should tell you people something our ancesters have kept a ritual 1st should keep to husband and then the wife should eat do you know why??? when they make such experiment after making him eat 1st if nothing happens to him then they will eat thats the matter actually okay is it finished yeah give me okay now tell me whats the name of this dish baby corn fry okay by the way with what should we eat this we can eat with rice or chapathi and with what ever you like oh in case can we munch in between drinking alcohol will remove your skin then ok ok you people taste and tell me how it is now even i will taste it waw.

its really super even though you scold or beat me i will munch this only in between drinking hai everyone me your mahesh vitta you all know me very well what all videos i do you have encouraged me alot so to entertain you all from time to time i will always come in different disguise and scripts our babu btec till now no one has made it the life after btec how it will be that means the time gap between btec and getting job in that what kind of suffering does a student undergo how they will be so this time we are comming like this with nice love story it will very cute very very nice and our director i am srikant actually this my second film web series is not like a short film its will have multiple episodes it will have like 10 episodes continuosly depending on your response we will add new episodes mainly it is based on my hero mahesh vitta thankyou its not only mine 4 G Entertainments, producer Mr.

Vekatesh Garu the cooperation he gave us was very good under his cooperation without any problem we sucessfully completed this and our heroine what ever i have to tell these two told you babu btec is comming soon all the best it will either come at the end of september or 1st week of october okay you be silent now its my dialogue what you guys how much we btec students suffer 4 years 40 subjects the attendence which we can say and the backlogs which we cant say assignments which get us tired the practicals which comes on our life disturbing internals even years pass on but externals doesnt end this is btec life dialogues like this still more you will get in our web series keep on continuing down theirs our link TRADITIONAL FOODS please subscribe to it even like also sharing is compulsary okay byeeeeee.

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