Ayran Çorbası ( Traditional Food )

Ayran Çorbası ( Traditional Food )

Ingredients: Weed , Green lentil , yogurt , salt and mint We are boiling the weed and lentils.

İf you want you can add some dry beans too.

Then , we are mixing yogurt , flour and one egg in another bowl And add some hot water we are adding the mixture to the boiling bowl During this process we have to stir it slowly to prevent the mixture going bad Our soup has started to boil.

We let it boil for 5 minutes And then we put butter and mint to antoher pan for frying We add the butter and the mint in to the soup I have added some red sweat pepper to give some color.

We have to season the soup after it has finished boiling.

It is a good soup choice for cold winter days.

Bon Apetite !.

Source: Youtube