A documentary of Malaysia Traditional Food.

A documentary of Malaysia Traditional Food.



My name is Nurul Zulaikha.

I'm a student from Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin.

I'm taking a Diploma in Finance andthis video is for my documentary entitled 'Malaysia Traditional Food' As we know the variety ofMalaysian traditional food is incredible with Malaysia's multicultural society its hardlya surprise that the food too is fantastically varied blend of chinese, malay and indian orother influences too.

However the true Malaysian Traditional food in my opinion should be prepared usingonly local ingrediants.

Let's talk about the three main races.

Traditional food comes from the people from their own races.

They have their own recipes and it is continues from generation to another generation.

For an example, in Malay tradition, they serve Lemang with Rendang in Hari Raya Puasa.

Malay food I love Rendang.

For Chinese food, I like Chicken Rice and in Indian food I really love Roti Canai.

Malaysia Traditional Food is quite unique because we have Chinese, Malay and Indian.

So we share food together.

It can be found only in Malaysia.

I like Nasi Lemak, Satay, Laksa and Otak-otak.

Yes I do love it especially Roti Canai.

I will go to any restaurant near my house to get a Roti Canai as my breakfast.

The Roti Canai is so fresh that you can see them cook it while you waiting for them.

Indian food are the best.

It because I like to eat something spicy like curry.

Indian cook are the best just like no one can beat the food.

The food are so tasty.

If I want to eat curry, I can always go to Indian or Mamak restaurant.

Yes some of it.

I know one Chinese food that become every Malaysian's favorite.

It is Yong Tao Foo.

You can see them selling it at Pasar Malam.

The black bean sauce is incredibly delicious.

Malaysian Food are the best! Thank you for the supports!.

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