①Let my family from France eat traditional and grotesque food

①Let my family from France eat traditional and grotesque food

Flory family first visit to Japan! Soil Kuwase to death www First visit to Japan French Japanese realistic impressions Off) is us Deep on the front-chan Les) Leo-chan Off) and Nikki came guests from France today) Who? Out Come – Uchi of is the big brother of Olivier and her ester In dwell in front of the Kaminarimon now Fun Ya because is lit up at night Since the big brother in Japan for the first time Ya, the upcoming amused – Ze Let not full swallowed, Nde crush wwww Brother) I is not off-les) problem by no problem Kitahe (° ∀ ° F) (No゚ ∀ °) Bruno Hyahyahyahya Everyone look at the other side of the array That is the famous Sky Tree Off) different! It (# No゚ Д °) Bruno Le) absolute squid not and dame Among family Stop it Telling lies and in the there is but Yaro Wake lack of Sky Tree! Les) Sky tree Once I of very nice'll ne w off) Choshi, also is to eat mustard Mustard is Te quit, you go Well then Sumaso Kore shop today By entering in full) – Les) Yeah, incarceration in Les) Oh ~ This remember marks) remembered? w It Les) smells something to off) Certainly What is this? The impression was seen? Off) How? D) I like eel something Is the I is similar to the eel, I Ya certainly eel feeling like Eel like a Mon Ya Brother) chicory (vegetables) to buy? I Chau off) chicory What marks) beer want more come brother) sake more have Certainly drink such Akan'na ww something in seems to moving Off) Is the I still this is alive, big brother to Les) Eh after all It is alive www the flies out from the pot Brother) and I asked because talking off) speak I Datte w Leo Hello ~, I heard Les) Yeah, of course marks) was'm paddle Do not hear, Yaro was shouting me "Giyaー" www I say toast the Japanese, Spanish, English, French But four languages? Not really? By say "Cheers" in four languages Les) initially to French? Off) from the French? Les) Datte three people also Ioka Nantes in you He keeps off) French are French? Brother) Santé is not it good? Off) Seyana, it is yeah We look at the ne les) eyes to see the brother) firmly eyes Off) when the toast is'm together also a wish idea Les) Columbia look at the eyes, to see the eyes when the toast I – together Nan'yare) so to off) So start from who? ? ? !!!! which you have forgotten to see off) eyes You're toast in Les) good night off) barely Nomeru Do ww Cayenne banquet Ji Yai! I wonder if ordinary green onions? I'd ride to the top This is I want to hear ~ ♪ softening music us of the way – This is us of the way ~ ♪ then.

Bad ester is to eat the head? Of course Yan Do www that is heard I also want to eat Do hoo I have to anything Challenge When was the first time came to do in Japan 'Cause we also have to challenge I must have my eat absolute I guess I'll put because I love it on the front-chan Les) I think this is love absolute Flori I because I love really Les) full to eat it in full) often! Yaro just do not want myself to eat! ? Ya no put in among all the Nashi delicious mistake because affection plenty Off) to eat try, I eat from Les) head to Yu honest if you do not not like, I because it is lovey-dovey couple I'm good if Mote the better of the tail? Off) ester a picture is confused) OMG.

Off) I remember ~w d) Flori in good luck (angry) Brother-et) 's not bad off) delicious? Was good Marks) Les Is the doing Tan also look at the face) I've seen ~, look to see But the taste of the fish, I feel too little cooking is Feeling too stewed have food is too soft, like Ya baby food What Yaro, wow finely carved like a texture What Yaro, feeling more taste there is no version of like a mouthfeel Ya Do Negitoro Negitoro Les) Well then taste'm not rich off) not at all dark The last of Honma palm moment I feel a little bitterness towards, there is no taste at all Les) Well then feeling the fish I eat I try-off) texture is that chopped Yawa Description I unmyelinated Yaro Well usually, bad're not Les) You're an ordinary fish off) so Ya Do, fish Ya ne Full of it unpleasant feeling in the delicious but fine bone mouth Les) I off) is often certainly bone But really delicious do Les) even it is bone.

off) I'm feel great the bone Off) What Yaro, since the only Ninen feel a little uncomfortable bone is Mutcha to Truly soft It's not a can feel so much tongue because the body is soft So Ya I gonna to feel the bone remains great because only is melts in an instant This is Ya egg custard Dishes and made with eggs, looks like Ya pudding But shiitake Toka after the Ninen ingredients not like sweet pudding or contain seafood This is delicious because Do not worry w Ya be careful because hot Off) Yaro like pudding? Fufu to brother) to Fufu? Ya be careful because hot That's like a taste delicious I omelette I taste it is similar to the omelette eat? Oh Genai And Oh up no ww Off) something ingredients even when you take? It 's delicious It offers the CM comes w CM Is the I can w D) delicious I off) was good It is similar to something of French cuisine.

It is similar to something of French cuisine? Brother) No you eat more? Off) out than to Leo and share Brother) Well then this is should I give out to eat? Off) Of course! Off) yan, of course, Is the doing Once the Ya De It Ann "eat want?", I yan course It contains various in Which also contains shrimp during Following, click here! "Carp of sashimi! In Sumiso!", "The French like grass dumpling!?".

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